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  • How To Include Siblings In Preparing For A New Child

    The joy of welcoming a new baby into your family can be stressful for older siblings. Different children react to the news of a new sibling differently based on a variety of factors. It partly depends on age, partly on the child's personality, and partly on the child's relationship with their parents. And other factors can play a role as well.

    Once you've told an older child, or children, that they have a new baby brother or sister on the way, it's important to make sure they feel included. Many older siblings just need reassurance that they'll still get attention and love from their parents after the baby arrives, and they'll jump at the chance to play a role in preparations.

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    Decorating The Nursery

    Ask older siblings for help decorating the nursery. You can give small children simple tasks or let them play in the nursery while you're there to supervise. Older children can help pick out decorations and colors or choose a theme.

    You might move your older child to a new room or get them a new bed so the baby can have the crib. If that's the case, involve them in redecorating their room as well as the nursery. They can even help with painting if they're old enough.

    Invite Them To The Sprinkle

    Make sure to involve your older child or children if your friends are throwing a baby “sprinkle” (it's like a mini-shower for moms who've already had at least one child). Seeing their home invaded with guests whose only focus is the new baby can make the green-eyed monster surface with a vengeance.

    Include older siblings among the party guests and give them a role in planning or hosting. Even a small role, like stacking presents until they're opened, lets them feel included. Also, encourage guests to talk with older children. Some guests might bring gifts for the older child, but even if they don't consider having a few on hand so baby isn't the only one getting presents.

    Explain What's Happening

    Make sure to provide your older kids with age-appropriate explanations about your pregnancy. You can even take them to prenatal doctor's visits if you want. Seeing ultrasounds and hearing you talk with your doctor or midwife can help older children understand what's happening with the new baby.

    Some hospitals offer sibling birth classes that provide orientation for kids who will soon be older brothers and sisters. These classes teach them how to hold the new baby safely and provide a space to talk about how they feel about their new sibling.

    Plan For After-Baby

    After the baby arrives, you'll need to make sure you plan for time alone with your new baby as well as time spent with your older children. Have toys on hand to distract older children when you have to give the baby your undivided attention. Also, make sure you spend time with your older children one-on-one, such as when the baby is sleeping.

    You won't be able to plan for every single reaction an older child might have to a new baby, but including them in preparations and making sure they know you value them goes a long way toward smoothing the transition.


  • Troubleshooting Problems When Hanging Bugs-n-Blooms Decorations

    You received your new Bugs-n-Blooms order and can't wait to start decorating. You unpack the items, maybe skim over the hanging directions, and start putting them up. But then, suddenly, things aren't going quite right.

    Don't panic! Most problems you might encounter hanging our decorations are easy to fix.

    My Stickers Won't Stick

    Leave unused stickers on their original backing and set used stickers aside. Used stickers might still work after troubleshooting, but if they've lost their “stickiness” or been damaged they'll need to be replaced.

    Next, ask yourself these questions:

    • Is the surface where I'm hanging stickers smooth and flat, without any texture?
    • Did I clean the surface with pure water and let it dry before hanging?
    • Has it been at least 30 days since the surface was painted?

    If you answer “no” to any of these questions you've found the problem. Our stickers won't adhere well to textured surfaces, so you'll need to find a new location if that's what's wrong.

    Soap and cleaning agents make it hard for decals to stick. If you used those, re-wash the surface with clean water and let it dry for at least 2 to 4 hours. For new paint, wait at least 30 days from the date you painted before trying the stickers again.

    Tie Backs Slide Down My Curtains

    Our tie-backs come with either wire or ribbon hangers. Both styles will slide down sheer or thin curtains. All you have to do to fix this problem is attach the tie back to the wall or window frame one of two ways:

    1. Attach the decoration to the wall using a small nail, Command Strips, or another hanger.
    2. Attach a small hook to the wall and slip the wire or ribbon on the tie back over the hook.

    Trouble With Fishing Line

    Most of our decorations arrive at your home attached to fishing line and a small plastic hoop. Here's how to fix the most common fishing line problems:

    • Not long enough line – click here to buy more line and hoops. You can also pick up fishing line in most department or sports stores.
    • It's tangled – tug gently at loops in the line to untangle them. If tangles are severe, you might have to replace the line.
    • I don't want it – to remove the fishing line from your decoration, simply slid the knot where it's attached to the decoration up the line. Once there's space between the knot and the decoration, cut the line with scissors and pull it the rest of the way out.

    [imagenumber: https://www.butterflylife.com/how-to-hang/

    They Won't Stay On My Wall

    You can attach hanging decorations directly to the wall after removing fishing line. Recommended hanging supplies include tacks, wire brads, Command Strips, stikkiwax, glue dots, small nails, staples, Velcro, and double sided tape.

    If your bugs or blooms start falling off the wall after you hang them with Command Strips, tape, glue dots, and stikkiwax, they're probably too heavy. Instead, try a nail, brad, tack, or staple. If they still fall using these types of hangers, try using multiple hangers to attach the decoration to the wall.

    I Can See The Hanger

    This can be a problem if you choose metal hanging hardware instead of something like sticky dots or tape. For butterflies, dragonflies, and other styles with wings that overlap, simply push the hanger through the hidden part of the wing.

    For styles without overlapping petals or wings, push one or more nails, brads or push pins through part of the bug's nylon “body.” You don't have to push it all the way through – just catch part of the fabric on the back of the body. Now, you can nail the decoration directly to the wall.

    If you have any other problems, contact us before doing anything else. We're happy to answer product questions or provide tips. You'll also find hanging guides and frequently asked questions on our website.


  • The Beginner's Guide To Decorating Kids' Rooms

    So you're decorating a new room for a child. You get online and start looking for tips and find page after page of professional room designs. It can be intimidating. Where do you even start to make a room look that good? And how on earth will you keep the room looking nice after the kids start playing in it?

    Rather than trying to make the room perfect immediately, let's focus on the basics. Give yourself a starting point by choosing colors and a theme. You'll have to paint before you do other decorating anyway, so you might as well choose that first. Then, move on to laying out the room and figuring out storage. It'll start coming together before you know it.


    Pick A Great Color

    Certain colors tend to make people feel a certain way and you can use that in your decorating. Blue is a restful color popular for bedrooms. Green, purple, and neutral tones also work well. Keep in mind that light colors make rooms feel bigger and dark colors make rooms feel smaller.

    For kids rooms, you'll want to avoid using too much bright red or yellow because those colors can make it hard to fall asleep. Softer yellows can work, and if you want a bright color similar to red try orange. You could also use bright colors as accents. One idea would be placing brightly colored butterflies on a wall painted in a more soothing color.

    Choose A Theme

    The theme can affect your paint color so they should be decided at the same time. Neutral wall colors like browns and grays can go with just about any theme, which makes them a good choice if you change themes in the future. Blues and greens are also very versatile.

    Theme selection will also affect decorating choices. If you want a butterfly theme, you can pick just about any color for the walls and focus on decorations to create the theme. If you're planning on a pond theme, you'll probably want blue or green on the walls and something like frog-print bedclothes. For a nautical theme, you could really get into it and use a boat-shaped bed.

    Make Room For The Clutter

    Kids rooms can easily feel crowded. It's a balancing act to get enough storage in for all the toys and school supplies while keeping the room feeling open or cozy instead of cluttered. Take advantage of under-bed storage options and try storage nooks to help keep clutter out of sight. Make sure there's a place for every toy where it can get off the floor when not in use.

    Placing most of the decorations on the walls helps keep the floor clean. Instead of picking up a new furniture piece or a decoration that sits on a shelf, choose wall hangings. Growth charts and wall stickers, framed pictures, tie-backs that swag curtains against the window frame, and other hanging decorations all personalize the room without taking up space.

    Plan For The Future

    Keep in mind that the room you're designing will get decoration updates more often than most other rooms in your home. Kids' tastes will change as they grow and bedrooms have to change with them. They'll need beds instead of cribs, places to do their homework, and storage for new clothes. They might decide to change the room theme or ask for different colors on the walls. The more flexible your design now, the better.

    Try to choose timeless pieces of furniture for the most expensive items like dressers, bookshelves, and beds. Furniture with simple, classic lines and neutral colors like natural wood will work with just about any theme. Nooks used for toy storage when kids are young can later switch-over to a study nook for teens.

    Bugs-n-Blooms makes decorating simple. Our decorations are easy to hang and they can be moved around or removed with little or no effect on your walls. Browse our website for great deals and decorating tips that will work for babies, toddlers, children, and teens.

  • Showering Fall and Winter Weddings

    Most wedding showers are held one to three months before the wedding. If you're showering a fall or winter bride, it's time to start planning! You'll want to send invitations out four to six weeks early for local guests, and up to two months in advance for guests who want to travel. To do that, you'll need to pick a theme early on in the planning process.

    Go Seasonal

    It's the simplest thing to do – just match the bridal shower theme to the season when you're having the party. If the wedding is in winter and your shower is in the fall, you can pick either season for your theme.

    For a fall shower, decorate in oranges and browns while serving autumn snacks with pumpkin, apple, cranberry, and cinnamon flavors. This theme is perfect for a sophisticated brunch or a laid-back afternoon gathering. Check out Bugs-n-Blooms decorations for an assortment of red ladybugs and orange/brown butterflies, butterflies and flowers to match this theme.


    For a winter shower, white decorations and snowflake-theme invitations are a popular choice. You can also add some variety and incorporate cool frosty blues or evergreen tones into the theme. Serve hot chocolate and hearty winter treats.

    Use The Holidays

    If the bride whose shower you're hosting really enjoys Halloween, Christmas, or another observance this time of year, you can use her favorite holiday as the theme inspiration. This sort of theme can be quite versatile. With Halloween, for example, you could plan on having a candy bar with a trick-or-treat theme or opt for a spooky-elegant Hitchcock party.

    Christmas is probably the easiest holiday to plan a party around since decorations are so widely available. Your venue might already have holiday decorations up, which would cut down on the amount of decorating you need to do yourself.

    Match Your Activities

    Pair the games and actives with your theme for a memorable party that guests can remember with fondness. One fun idea that will keep guests' hands busy while they talk is to host a crafting party. Have guests make cute pumpkin decorations or holiday ornaments that they can take home as party favors. Mini Bugs-n-Blooms decorations work well as craft embellishments.


    You can also put a fall or winter-themed spin on more traditional bridal shower games. When you're printing out cards for trivia games, couples quizzes, bridal bingo, and other favorite games, just match the colors and clip-art to your theme. You can also incorporate a few seasonal questions into the games such as “What is the bride's favorite fall flavor?” or “Which winder activity does the couple enjoy most?”

  • See How to Make Use of Beautiful Curtain Tiebacks

    Curtains are among the most popular window coverings. Even windows with blinds often have curtains as well for a more finished, decorative look. You don't always want the curtains blocking light, though. You might want to keep curtains swagged to the side all the time and just use them to frame the windows, or have the option to have the curtains open or closed depending on the time of day.

    There are several ways to move curtains out of the way. One of the most common is curtain tiebacks. Bugs-n-Blooms carries several styles of curtain tiebacks that work in a wide variety of rooms and with many different decorating themes.

    Where To Use Tiebacks

    The bright colors and cute designs of Bugs-n-Blooms curtain tiebacks are perfect for a child's room and also work throughout the home. Here are just a few ideas:

    • Use tiebacks in the bathroom to swag shower curtains out of the way.
    • Tie-back kitchen curtains with cheerful smiling bumblebees.
    • Let light into a little girl's princess room with butterfly or flower tiebacks.
    • Some ladybug and dragonfly tiebacks work well in a garden or pond theme boy's room.
    • Decorate a nursery with Bugs-n-Blooms decorations and matching tiebacks.

    Curtain Styles That Work

    In order to use curtain tiebacks, you need curtains hung in such a way that you can swag them to the sides or tie them in the middle. Any style of curtains hanging from a standard rod, double rod, or tension rod will work. Curtain tracks, also called a traverse rod, that are designed to make curtains easy to open and close are not meant for use with tiebacks.

    Any type of curtain fabric will work with tiebacks. The different fabrics will, however, influence how you hang tiebacks. With heavier fabrics, the tiebacks can either be tied to the curtains or fastened to the wall. With light-weight fabrics, you should fasten tiebacks to the wall. If you don't attach the tiebacks to the wall, they may slide down thin/sheer curtains.

    Pink Flower Curtain TiebacksHanging tiebacks

    If you're going to hang your tiebacks to the wall, place them about two-thirds of the way down the window on either side of the window frame. You can use small nail(s), staples, Velcro, or Command Strips to attach the tiebacks to the wall. You want to attach the bug or bloom decorating the tieback to the wall rather than using the ribbons or wire – those are for wrapping around the curtains.

    For those who want to switch between having the tieback attached to the wall and hanging free, you can simply use a small hook. Attach a decorative hook, or one that's small enough for the curtain to hide, to the wall or window frame about two-thirds of the way down the window. Then, you can loop the wire or ribbons on the tie-back over this hook when you want to swag the curtains back.

  • June Tea Parties

    You don't need chilly weather to throw a tea party. June is National Iced Tea month, and summer tea parties are a perfect way to celebrate. Gather your friends for a laid-back summer party with cool drinks and fun times in a setting beautifully decorated with Bugs-n-Blooms.

    Butterfly Decor for Girls Party Themes June Tea Parties

    Iced tea has a rich history in the United States. The market really took off after the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, when the weather got too warm for hot tea served at the East Indian Pavilion so they ran the tea through iced pipes to chill it. Iced tea existed well before this, however, and historic cookbooks show recipes for cooled teas dating back to the early 18th Century.

    Iced Tea Tips

    You can use any sort of tea to make iced tea. Bagged, instant, loose leaf – they'll all work. Iced tea is usually made from black tea, but green tea is also a popular choice and you can choose from more exotic tea blends or herb and flower teas as well. Just brew the tea at double-strength and store in the refrigerator until you're ready to use. The double-strength tea allows for dilution as the ice cubes melt, so the tea won't taste watered-down.

    For your party, offer several different types of iced tea and garnishes so guests can customize their flavor. Mint sprigs and lemon slices are common garnishes. You might also offer orange and lime slices, other fresh fruit, and edible flowers. Don't forget to provide several sweetener options as well.

    Party Snacks

    Choose light summery snacks for your iced tea party. Tea sandwiches are a great basis for your snack offerings, and there's a huge variety of recipes you can try out. Just a few examples include tomato-cheddar, cucumber-butter, smoked turkey, olive-focaccia, and salmon salad. Choose a handful of different recipes so your guests have options.

    Fresh fruit is always a popular choice for summer parties, as are tasty summer deserts. Bite-size desserts like petite-fours, meringues, and tiny tarts make a good choice. Other options include decorated cookies shaped like tea bags, teapots, or tea cups. Cakes are also a good choice.

    Easy Decoratinghanging-wall-butterflies-to-decorate-girls-room

    Let's be honest – we don't all have the time to make those adorable hand-made decorations we see on Pinterest. The last thing many of us need is another project on our hands. Parties should be fun, not filled with pre-party stress about how you're going to get everything done before your friends show up.

    Bugs-n-Blooms decorations are very easy to hang and look great with minimal fuss. All you have to do is unpack the decorations, fluff the wings or petals up a little, and hang them using the included fishing line or other supplies like adhesive strips and glue dots. There's a huge variety to choose from. You could choose a specific color theme for your party, throw a butterfly or flower theme party, or mix-and-match your favorite decorations for summer.

  • Flower Theme Weddings for Spring

    Every wedding has flowers, but we don't often think about planning the entire theme around them. Spring weddings are a perfect time for planning a floral theme wedding, and Bugs-n-Blooms offers a wide selection of flower decorations to help with that. You probably won't want to use our nylon flowers for your bouquet, but they'll work well as decorations at the ceremony and reception location.wedding reception decorations Flower Theme Weddings for Spring

    Why Use Bugs-n-Bloom Decorations

    Fresh flowers are lovely, of course, but they're not practical for every situation. Flowers wilt if they don't have enough water or if they get too much sun. If you want an outdoor wedding, and there's bright sunlight and wind most flowers won't hold up very well. For a flower-covered backdrop or flowers decorating the chairs, it's hard to supply enough water to keep the flowers looking good. That's where beautiful artificial flower decorations come in.

    Our flower decorations don't look like “real flowers,” instead, they are a fun twist on your favorite blooms with bright colors and many have shimmer and shine to kick it up a notch! The other cool thing? They also won't wilt or dry out in the open air. Since they won't be in vases that can tip over and spill water on your guests, and they won't drip water or sap like cut stems can if you want to use flower on the table settings. You also don't have to worry about picking them up fresh on the morning of the wedding or having them delivered.

    mcf-white-crystal-daisy-flower-decor_2At the Ceremony

    If you dream of having a beautiful floral backdrop or archway for your wedding ceremony, Bugs-n-Bloom decorations can be a simpler alternative to fresh flowers. The smaller mini flower decorations would work well for attaching to a green background to create a flower wall-backdrop, or strung on fishing line to create a romantic curtain of twirling blooms. An assortment of the small, medium and large sizes would be perfect for attaching to a wedding arch or chuppah.

    Our nylon flower decorations are also useful for decorating the aisle and seating area. If you want decorations on the chairs, Bugs-n-Bloom flowers are easy to wire in place. For decorations along the aisle, artificial flowers are sturdier than fresh flowers. Unlike live arrangements along the aisle, you won't have to worry about a container cracking or the arrangement falling apart if a guest bumps into the flowers.

    At The Reception flowers-for-wedding-reception-decoration-ideas

    Our flower decorations are designed for hanging on the walls and ceilings, and they're an excellent way to decorate an indoor reception area. If you're holding an outdoor reception, they're sturdy enough to stand up to intense sunlight, some wind, and even a little rain if an unexpected shower shows up.

    To dress-up each table setting, attach one of our mini decorations to napkin rings or the stem of a wine glass. You could also just place a decoration on top of each folded napkin, and make sure guests know they can take the little flowers home as wedding favors. Our flowers also work well as decorative centerpieces, and can be mixed with fresh foliage. For example, if you have a table runner of evergreen foliage some cute flower decorations will add color.

  • Jungle Party Ideas

    Jungle themes make for a fun and easy-to-plan party, and many of the ideas will also work for a Lion King or safari theme. The theme works equally well for a kids birthday party, a baby shower, or a get-together for grownups. butterfly-decorations-Jungle-Party-IdeasWhen decorating a jungle theme party, don't forget to order some of Bugs-n-Blooms' bright flowers and colorful butterflies that look so good paired with jungle green decorations.

    Start-out Right

    Set the tone for the party immediately with themed invitations. For a children's birthday party, you could use an invitation that looks like a Passport and invite the young guests on a jungle adventure. If your party is geared more toward older children or adults, you might opt for a simple invitation with green accents that tells guests they're invited to a jungle party or go wild with animal print invitations.


    Let guests know if they're expected to dress a certain way. You might invite everyone to wear animal print or, for a children's party, dress-up as their favorite animal. If a child wants to dress up as a butterfly or other creature with wings, Bugs-n-Blooms offers comfortable, quality costume wings and accessories.

    Jungle Setting

    Real jungles are packed full of vibrant greenery, colorful flowers, insects and wild animals. Set the stage for your party by filling the room with as many vines, leaves, and green decorations as you can. If you have houseplants, bring them into the party room for decorations. If you're having the party outside, drape artificial vines or green paper streamers from tree branches, fences, porch railings, tent poles, or patio umbrellas.

    Pair the green decorations with flowers and butterflies from Bugs-n-Blooms. All our hanging nylon decorations can be hung from walls, ceilings, or other structures, and the smaller decorations can be attached directly to vines and streamers. These decorations are sturdy enough to use for an outdoor party and come in the wide variety of colors you'll want in a jungle theme.Hanging-Flower-Decorations-jungle-party-theme

    Table Settings

    Pick up a grass table skirt (the kind sold for Hawaiian luaus) and pair it with a green tablecloth to make a jungle-theme serving table. You can also take small Bugs-n-Blooms decorations and attach them to the table skirt or scatter them on the table among the serving trays. Don't forget to fill the table with jungle-theme the party foods as well!


    For the tables where guests will eat, you can opt for a casual setting with animal-print paper plates or go for a more elegant look with regular plates and add jungle theme in the decorations. An animal-print table runner and fresh flowers would make a nice centerpiece, or you could pick up some toy jungle animals and use them as the centerpieces. If you have enough toys for each guest, your table decorations can double as take-home party favors for kids.

  • Decorating for Pink Wedding Showers

    Planning a shower this spring before your friend's wedding? If she enjoys feminine style and girly-girl decorations, go pink-happy with your theme. Pink themed parties are perfect for an elegant spring shower fit for a princess. Both bright and pale pinks look lovely in the spring sunshine, and there are plenty of seasonal flowers available in the right colors. It's also an easy theme to plan and decorate for.


    Daytime Partying

    Take advantage of the spring sunlight when you're planning your party. Natural sunlight will brighten the setting, and also means you're tied to a morning or afternoon shower. Opt for a brunch menu or offer a light lunch paired with refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. The day-time setting would also work well with a tea-party themed shower.

    If it's late enough in the spring for warm weather, you can plan on hosting the party outdoors. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain showers. Bugs-n-Blooms decorations work just as well outdoors as they do inside. The nylon flowers and bugs hold up well in a light breeze or even a sprinkle of rain. Just bring them inside if the weather turns nasty.

    Pink Everywhere Hanging Nylon Butterflies

    Don't be shy with the color when planning a spring bridal shower. The pink theme can show up on the invitations, as decorations, on the tablecloths, and even with the food when you chose pink frosting for deserts. If you're worried about pink over-powering your party space, pair it with white for a fresh, elegant look.

    Start shopping by browsing Bugs-n-Blooms pink decorations. We offer a wide selection of hanging flower, butterfly, dragonfly and ladybug decorations in various styles and shades of pink. The larger decorations work well as eye-catching wall and ceiling decorations, and the smaller decorations are great for decorating the tables as well. Matching curtain tie-backs are easy to tie on to the backs of chairs or around fences, tent poles and deck railings outside.

    Spring Fresh

    Purple Crystal ButterfliesAs the weather starts to warm, you'll have more access to fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of this fact when planning your party. You'll be able to decorate with fresh flowers, which pair well with Bugs-n-Blooms decorations. Our mini decorations look adorable when attached to wire and placed in fresh floral arrangements, making them look as though a the little butterfly or bug is hovering over the flowers.

    Using fresh fruits and vegetables on your menu makes the spring shower food healthy as well as delicious – important for pre-wedding events! Fresh fruits also work well in deserts, and choosing red berries and pink fruits like grapefruit, guava and papaya make the food match the pink theme as well.

  • What Your Obsession With Butterflies Says About You

    What's your favorite animal? is a question we're often asked as kids, and even as adults when we're taking the ever-popular online personality quizzes. We assume the type of animal we like best says something about who we are – people who like bears are strong, people who like squirrels are jumpy, and people who like dolphins are social.

    What about those who like butterflies? You're obsessed with butterflies' color and beauty, you have butterfly decorations throughout our homes, maybe you've even taken a “What Kind of Butterfly Are You?” quiz (I'm a Skipper Butterfly, by the way). What does this say about your personality?


    The term “social butterfly” usually refers to an outgoing, extroverted personality who is comfortable in social situations. Social butterflies flit around a party talking with people and making them feel welcome, like a butterfly flits around a garden visiting different flowers. Wherever they go, they bring a smile with their innate friendliness and social grace.

    imgresIf you're a social butterfly who enjoys hosting, you can decorate for your parties with a butterfly theme. Tea parties, birthdays, baby or bridal showers – they all work well with a butterfly theme. Bugs-n-Blooms carries a large selection of butterfly decorations – more than any of our other styles – and you're sure to find something perfect for your next party.

    Inner Strength

    Many cultures think the butterfly is a symbol of the human soul. Butterflies look fragile, but they're surprisingly strong. They have a relatively sturdy exoskeleton, and they are well-adapted to a variety of different climates. Many species of butterflies also have beautiful wing patterns that let them conceal themselves from predators or bright colors that warn predators they don't taste good.

    People who love butterflies have an inner strength that helps them adapt to life as it changes. Instead of fearing change, butterfly people embrace it with hope. They know that even if it feels like the world is ending, there's a chance that tomorrow will be better. As the saying on our quote sticker goes, “Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a Butterfly.”


    Butterflies live at one with the earth and play a vital role in the ecosystem. They pollinate flowers, provide natural pest control, and hold an important place in the food chain. Recognizing this, many advertisers use butterflies when they're trying to demonstrate that a product is environmentally friendly.

    Those who love butterflies often see them as a symbol of beauty in the natural world, and a key reason for conservation. Decorating your house with butterflies is a lovely way to welcome the outdoors inside, show your love for the earth, and surround yourself with the beauty of these very special insects.

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