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Bugs-n-Blooms's Butterfly Life

  • Decorating Your Ceiling with Butterflies

    The ceiling presents a large, and often overlooked, canvas for decorating. Some of the most popular ceiling decorations that you'll see on home design and party websites involve ceiling streamers made of fabric, paper, or other thin material. Whether you're getting ready for a party or want to liven up a room design, hanging swaths of fabric and streamers from the ceiling is a great place to start, and they make an attractive backdrop for Bugs-n-Blooms' hanging decorations.

    Hanging Fabric

    Swags of fabric from the ceiling isn't practical in every location, but it looks fantastic when done well. If you're hosting a wedding reception or a party, you'll have to check with your venue to see whether or not they allow ceiling decoration. You could also add fabric to the ceilings in more permanent locations, such as in a master bedroom.

    Choose lightweight fabrics for decorating the ceiling. They're easier to work with and unlikely to pull hardware down with their weight. Speaking of hardware, any ceiling hook will work for installing fabric. You just need something on the ceiling that you can attach the fabric to using mono-filament line, wire, or ribbon.

    You can either hang ceiling fabric in a radial pattern, starting from the center and working your way out or in side-to-side swaths. For radial hanging, an embroidery hoop or wire wreath frame can give you a circular frame to hang the fabric from at the center of the room. For side-to-side swags, you can use curtain rods on the ceiling or mono-filament line to attach the fabric.

    Easy Streamers

    You can achieve an effect very similar to fabric swaths with paper streamers or plastic tablecloths. It's a simpler, less expensive alternative that works well for birthday parties and children's rooms. Paper streamers are easy to hang, and easy to take-down when the party is over, or when your child wants to change the way their room is decorated.

    For wide streamers, use tape or poster adhesive to attach disposable plastic tablecloths to the ceiling. For narrow streamers, use crepe paper. Both streamer styles can be hung from a circular frame in the center of the room or draped across the ceiling like fabric. Plastic and paper hangings don't require the hardware used to hang fabric, which means you can put them up in less time, and they won't leave marks in the ceiling.

    Ceiling Extras

    Swaths of fabric or colorful paper streamers make a perfect backdrop for other ceiling decorations. One of the ideas used most often is draping strings of Christmas lights across the ceiling along with the streamers or fabric. If the lights are in direct contact with paper or fabric, use LED lights, which burn cooler than incandescent,

    Take your ceiling streamers to the next level by adding a few well-placed decorations. People often add balloons or paper pom-poms, but those just don't look as nice as a beautiful butterfly or cute ladybug. Bugs-n-Blooms hanging decorations look lovely placed over the anchor point for streamers, and can cover any visible hardware used for hanging fabric. They also work for covering an open spot in the center of a radial hanging design. Our mobiles look particularly beautiful when hung at the center of a circle of fabric.

  • Lovely Ladybug Room

    Ladybugs are the perfect choice if you're trying to decide on a bedroom decorating theme for your daughter. They're cute, colorful and work for a variety of ages. Decorate a nursery with ladybugs now, and you won't have to worry about her outgrowing the theme for many years. The vivid red color brightens up the room and works well with bold paint colors or a neutral color scheme.

    Paint Colors

    Several paint colors will work well with a ladybug theme. You could choose neutral walls and furniture and then bring in the ladybug elements as decorations and fabric patterns. This helps unify the room, and also makes it easier to re-decorate if she asks for a new decorating theme a few years down the road.

    Ladybugs also go well with a green color scheme. Red and green are complementary colors, and green walls make red ladybugs stand out. For an even bolder look, paint one wall red as an accent wall. You can even add black ladybug spots right on the red wall.

    Natural wood furniture complements ladybug decorations, or you could use painted furniture. Ideas for ladybug room furniture include painting a bookcase the same green color as the walls, or painting a dresser red and adding black spots.

    Wall Decorations

    Bugs-n-Blooms offers several styles of ladybug wall stickers. The alphabet stickers are available in pink, red or green. They'll all work against a neutral background. The pink and red letters look beautiful against a wall painted green, and the green letters pop against a red background. We also offer growth charts, quote stickers and other decals with a ladybug theme. Make sure you wait 30 days for fresh paint to dry before applying wall stickers.

    Our hanging nylon decorations come in three different ladybug styles. Shimmer ladybugs are red or pink with black spots. Glitter ladybugs have sparkles on the wings and come in red, pink, purple or brown. Hayley ladybugs feature double-layer wings with crystal accents. They come in pink and purple, green and pink, pink and brown, and red and black colors.

    Finishing Touches

    You can find ladybug-print bedding and curtains in stores or online. Other decorations like ladybug lampshades and picture frames are also pretty easy to find, or you could make them yourself. With a little craft glue, our mini ladybug decorations work for dressing up plain lamp shades, storage boxes, and frames.

    Don't forget the ceilings. Our nylon decorations can be hung from the ceiling just as easily as on the walls, and even stickers will work if the ceiling has a smooth texture. Ladybug mobiles are also an excellent finishing touch. You could put them above a crib in a nursery, or use the 24-inch long mobiles as a decoration in an older child's room.

  • Decorating Fun, Safe Kids Rooms

    Usually when you're decorating a room, how the finished design looks is the first consideration. When decorating for children, however, safety always comes first. Some of the most elegant window coverings or cutest toy boxes can be safety hazards in disguise. Any decoration you want to use in a child's bedroom or playroom should first be checked for safety, then considered on decorative merit. Luckily, there's a wide range of kid-friendly decorations available to help you create a safe and fun playroom for your little ones.

    Safety Tips

    Corded window hangings are one of the most familiar safety hazards in children's rooms. Opt for cord-free curtains and blinds, or make sure any cords are well out of a child's reach. Keep cords, curtain tie-backs and anything else you don't want children to reach at least 45 inches higher than the floor. If there are boxes or furniture the child could climb on, you'll have to increase that 45-inch range accordingly.

    Make sure the bins you use for storing toys don't have lids that could fall shut. If you have a larger toy box with a lid, it should have a spring-loaded lid support to keep the lid from falling closed on a child. Better yet, choose open storage bins to prevent pinched fingers from hinged lids. Try to find bins that are solid enough that they can't tip over, or are lightweight enough not to hurt a child if they tip.

    Remember to cover electrical outlets, and secure furniture that might tip-over. Bookshelves and dressers are the sort of things children might try to climb if they want to reach something on a top shelf, and you don't want them to fall on anyone.

    Decoration Safety

    Bugs-n-Blooms decorations are safe for older children, but you do need to be careful of them as a choking hazard for young children. Even though everything but the mini decorations are too large to swallow, smaller parts could break off the decorations if children can reach them. Until children are old enough that you don't have to worry about choking hazards, keep Bugs-n-Blooms decorations out of reach.

    Do not hang decorations directly over a child's crib, or attach decorations to the crib itself. Once the baby is old enough to pull himself or herself up, you don't want them tugging a mobile down from the ceiling or breaking a decoration off the crib and choking on it. Our wall decorations look best hung on walls out of reach, and the mobiles are still lovely when attached to the ceiling far enough away that baby can't reach them.

    Kid-Friendly Design

    As children get older and better able to take care of themselves, you don't have to worry so much about things like choking hazards and lids on the toy chest. Now, kid-friendly design is more about choosing decorations that won't be destroyed by wear-and-tear from play. This usually involves sturdy fabrics that won't show stains and keeping fragile decorations out of reach. You can also make sure you choose decorations that won't get in the way at play-time.

    Bugs-n-Blooms wall stickers, for example, are versatile decorations that are easy to use in kid-friendly design. They attach directly to the wall, and there aren't any parts sticking out that could be torn off if one of your kids forgets that they're not allowed to play basketball in the house. The stickers are also removable and, if not damaged, reusable, so you can move them around if you have to re-do one of the walls.

  • Decorating Lockers with Decals

    Personalizing lockers is almost a necessity in today's schools and offers students a fun way to make the space  truly their own. Wallpapers, rugs, lights, organizers and other locker accessories are often magnetic so they are easy to hang and remove. Another fun decoration that won't damage the lockers when it's time to take them off is Bugs-n-Blooms' vinyl decals. These decals are self-adhesive and easy to apply to smooth, dry surfaces including metal lockers.

    Garden Letters

    For a young child or teenage girl who likes bright colors and cute bugs, Bugs-n-Blooms carries several styles of garden-theme alphabet letters. Butterfly, flower, dragonfly, ladybug and bee letter decals measure 3 to 9 inches wide and 5 to 8 inches tall, depending on the letter. Each letter is in lowercase. They work well for spelling out short phrases, words, names or initials.

    Bee letters come in yellow or pink, and ladybug letters in red, pink and green. Dragonflies are available in purple, green and pink. Flower letters offer purple, green, brown and two shades of pink. Butterfly alphabet decals provide the most color options: light pink, dark pink, light purple, dark purple, green, yellow, gray and brown. Both the flower and butterfly designs also offer multi-color letters that are pink, purple and green.

    Nature Stickers

    In addition to our garden-theme letters, we also offer nature-theme mural decals. These stickers come in sets of two or more stickers, and look adorable on the inside or outside of a locker. They can be used to cover the locker in cute bugs or create a flower garden using the sticker set that includes stems and leaves. Scroll stickers work well for adding a top or bottom border to other decorations.

    Sports Decals

    Personalize a sports locker with football, basketball, baseball or soccer decals. We offer jersey-style number stickers for these four sports. Each number is a medium-gray color with white and black trim, then a picture of either a football, basketball, baseball or soccer ball at the base of the letter. They're perfect for sticking on the outside of a locker.

    We also offer sports alphabet stickers, so you can put a name or initials on the locker. Each measure about 5-1/2 inches tall. For a student who's really into sports and wants to add more decorations to their locker, we also offer other stickers that complement the numbers and letters. These include ball-shaped decals and stickers measuring 14-by-7-inches with the word “football,” “basketball,” “baseball” or “soccer” on a background that looks like rusted tin.

    Dancing Stickers

    Bugs-n-Blooms also offers a couple styles of ballet-themed decals. The alphabet letters are styled like the garden letters and only come in pink. A set of mural decals includes two ballet shoes, two tutus, and two bows colored pink and purple. These stickers are perfect for a young dancer's locker.

  • Floral Thanksgiving Centerpeices

    People are most concerned about the food on Thanksgiving, but how the table looks is also important. A beautiful floral centerpiece can give an everyday room a festive holiday spirit, and it's sure to impress your guests.

    Choose A Container

    Earth-tone containers work well for Thanksgiving centerpieces. If you want to use a basket or cornucopia to hold your floral design, place a smaller waterproof container inside the basket. Some baskets come with plastic liners for arranging flowers. To keep flower stems in place, attach a florist's frog to the bottom of the container using floral adhesive or use a block of wet floral foam held in place with florist's tape.

    Unless you're going to remove the arrangement before eating, try to find a container that's not too large so you can keep the arrangement low enough for guests to see over. For a round or square table, a shallow dish works well. For oblong or rectangular tables, a longer, thin container is a good choice, or you could use several smaller containers. Plan on making the final arrangement 1-1/2 to 2 times as tall as the container is wide.

    Arranging Tips

    The most important thing to remember when working on a floral centerpiece is that it must look good from every angle. Keep turning the arrangement while you're adding flowers and take the time to walk around it and make sure you're getting even coverage of flowers. Also, remember that people will be looking at this while sitting down. Alternate sitting down and standing while you're arranging to make sure the arrangement looks good from both angles.

    Choose leaves and flowers with different textures to add visual interest. If you're using larger blooms like dahlias, try mixing them with wispy foliage for an interesting contrast. Many fall flowers have a round shape, including chrysanthemums, asters, and Gerbera Daisy, so add some longer seed pods or thin line material like willow branches to shake things up. Remember to use several flowers of each type throughout the design to make it look balanced.

    Finishing Touches

    To make a Thanksgiving centerpiece pop, add some new fall or harvest elements in with the flowers. Seedpods and miniature pumpkins are an excellent choice. You can push a piece of wire up through the bottom of the pumpkin and then stick the wire into the arrangement to hold pumpkins in place, or just arrange the pumpkins around the base of the container. Fake pumpkins on stems are also available in craft stores this time of year.

    Another cute thing to add is a miniature Bugs-n-Blooms decoration set. Attaching a thin piece of wire to our butterflies, dragonflies, bees and ladybugs makes it easy to add them to a floral design. If you use a long piece of wire, you can even position the bugs, so it looks like they are hovering above the flowers.

  • Picture Worth Little Girl's Costumes

    Looking to dress up your little girl for some cute photos? Bugs-n-Blooms costumes make for a fun, colorful photo shoot, and then your daughter can use them for costume play after you get pictures. Our skirts and wings are one-size with stretch waistbands and armholes, so they can be worn for several years as she grows.

    Tutu Skirts

    Our tutu skirts fit young girls sizes 2T through 10/12. Waist circumference stretches from 17 to 36 inches, and the skirt length is 12 or 14 inches depending on the style. Each skirt is made from 100% polyester fabric and can be hand washed or spot cleaned if it gets dirty. The skirts come in five styles.

    Yellow bee skirt, pink or purple Gerbera daisy skirts and pink-and-black zebra trim skirts each measure 12 inches long.  The bee skirt is covered with glittering star-shaped sequins, and the Gerbera and zebra skirts are each embellished with a flower at the waist. The longer 14-inch skirts come in polka dot or butterfly styles, and each has a bow on the waistband. The polka dot skirt pairs light and dark layers of pink or purple fabric with a matching ribbon. The butterfly skirt has layers of purple, pink and green fabric covered with small butterfly decorations.

    Fairy Wings

    We offer five different styles of butterfly fairy wings, which are designed to match the tutu skirts, and one ladybug style. Each wing design is outlined with a wire frame, then covered with nylon fabric. The wings are soft, yet sturdy, and may be hand washed or spot cleaned. The soft, stretchy arm bands allow for most toddlers and youth to wear the wings.

    Ladybug wings and Gerbera fairy wings each features a flower on the back where the wings join. The ladybug wings are red with black spots, and the Gerbera wings come in pink, purple, green or white. Swirls wings and layered wings are each joined by a crystal heart-shaped. These wings both come in pink or green. The star wings come in purple or green, and feature sparkling star shapes on the wings. Our princess wings come in three shades of pink and purple and are the largest wings.


    Our fairy wands make a perfect photo prop, and a great toy after the pictures are taken. The three butterfly styles come in pink, green or purple and match both the fairy wings and tutu skirts. We also have a bumblebee wand with the same bright yellow color as our bee tutu skirt. Each wand has a 12-inch handle topped with a 4 by 5-inch decoration.

    All our headbands are made from a soft, stretchy crochet material, and feature a 4-inch Gerbera flower. They come in a wide range of colors, including pink, purple, green, red, black and white. We even offer polka dot and zebra designs that perfectly match the polka dot and zebra tutu skirts.

  • Halloween with Bugs-n-Blooms

    There's a huge variety of Halloween decorations out there ranging from cute to terrifying. If you want decorations that won't be too scary for children, incorporating some of Bugs-n-Blooms' fall-colored decorations is a great place to start. Our smiling bees and cute butterflies won't give anyone nightmares, but they fit in well with fall decorating and come in colors that are good for Halloween.

    Seasonal Decorating

    Bugs-n-Blooms carries a range of different products in colors for fall decorating. You probably won't want to use them by themselves if you're going for a Halloween look, but they mix well with other decorations. Many of our butterfly, dragonfly, flower, bee and lady bugs styles are available in orange, brown, black and/or red, and there are several ways to use them.

    • Wire flower and insect decorations to tree branches or corn stalks on either side of your entryway.
    • Glue mini decorations on to carved pumpkins.
    • Make a mini pumpkin wreath, and then glue or wire mini decorations in along with the pumpkins for more color.
    • Hang extra-large bug decorations on the walls inside and outside your house.

    Party Time

    Halloween is typically a time for spooky decorations, but you might want something a bit more friendly if you're hosting a party for small children. You can help prevent nightmares by mixing Bugs-n-Blooms' décor with other not-so-spooky decorations and replacing creepy-crawlies with smiling ladybugs and bee decorations.

    Choose orange, brown, black, purple and green decoration to set the stage for your party. These colors are often found in other Halloween decorations as well, so it'll be easy to match the insects and flowers with tableware and other decorations. Once the decorations are in place, some other ideas for a kids party include fun and easy Halloween games like a relay-race to assemble a cardboard skeleton or a pumpkin hunt outdoors.

    Cute Costumes

    When dressing up for trick-or-treating, your little girl might ask for a fairy princess costume or prefer to dress-up like a butterfly or cute little ladybug. Our Bugs-n-Blooms costumes are designed to fit toddlers, children, and youth up to size 10/12. The larger fairy wings can also work for teenager costumes.

    We offer tutu skirts, costume wings, fairy wands and stretchy headbands. Colors and styles coordinate well and these costume pieces are designed for mixing and matching so you can create exactly the costume you want. You could also choose one of our party sets if you want a costume that's already put together.

  • Orange and Brown Decorations

    Orange and brown are two of the most prominent colors used in decorations this time of year. As the fall season starts, harvest and Halloween decorations all use these rich, earthy tones. You'll find them in natural decorations like pumpkins, corn, and gourds as well as other autumn decorations like baskets, ribbons and wreaths. Bugs-n-Blooms also carries several styles of decorations in brown and orange that work great for this season.

    Bugs and Flowerssun-ceiling-hanging-decor

    Some of our sticker designs come in fall colors like brown alphabet letters, but most of our orange and brown decorations are the three-dimensional hanging
    flowers and insects. These are made of nylon fabric over a wire frame and come in mini, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. We also carry a hanging orange sun that measures 13 inches in diameter.

    Several styles of butterflies and flowers come in shades of orange. Most of these, with the exception of the curtain tie-backs, also come in brown so you can have both colors in matching styles. We carry a wider selection of brown decorations in dragonfly, ladybug and bee styles as well as flowers and butterflies.

    brown-alphabet-letter-stickers.jpgInterior Decorating

    Bugs-n-Blooms decorations are ideally suited for indoor use. They are simple to hang on ceilings, walls and furniture using the included plastic hoops and mono-filament line. The hoop is also easy to remove if you want to use a different hanging method.

    For fall decorations, you can use our brown alphabet stickers to spell-out a word or phrase and then decorate around it with orange and brown flowers, butterflies, and other insects. These fall-colored bugs and blooms also mix and match well with other decorations. If you have a table centerpiece or mantle decoration that you love for fall, spruce it up by adding mini orange flowers. If you have a banner or other wall decoration you're planning to hang, save room for around it for some cute brown dragonflies and bees.

    Outdoor Decorating

    Though designed for indoor decorating, our nylon decorations are sturdy enough to use outdoors as well – especially if they'll be sheltered on a porch. Larger decorations are eye-catching enough for use as the main decorative element. You can attach them to a door instead of using a wreath, hang them from the eaves to spin in the breeze, or wire them to front porch posts.

    The smaller decorations work well as additions to other outdoor decorations like pumpkins and planter baskets. Glue a couple insects to your gourds and pumpkins display to make it look like the ladybugs and butterflies made themselves at home. Our smaller decorations also work well as part of a wreath. Wire them into a grapevine wreath, or glue them in around flowers and mini pumpkins in a fall design.

  • The Butterfly Life Guide to Decorating With Blue

    Blue is one of the most universally appealing colors and is often used in decorating. Designers and color psychologists say blue may help create a reflective or relaxing atmosphere in a room. As a cool color, blue also calms heated emotions. Light blue can make rooms look larger while darker blues lend a more dignified appearance.


    Where To Use Blue

    The cool properties of blue can help make a hot, sunny room feel cooler. If you have a room where the sun and warmth seem overwhelming, painting the walls light blue can create the illusion of a cooler environment.

    Be careful of using icy light blues in a room that is already chilly and gets little sun, since they can make that room feel cold. Brighter blues will work in these rooms, and blue looks cozy in most living rooms.

    Blue is traditionally used in the United States for decorating little boy's rooms, but it makes a great choice in girls' rooms and nurseries as well. Vibrant shades of blue like teal and aqua make a good choice for kids rooms. In other bedrooms, lighter or more subdued blue tones can help with relaxation.

    Other rooms to consider using blue in are a personal office, bathroom, or kitchen. In an office, blue can encourage calm reflection. Bright or light blue in a kitchen can make the room look larger and brighter. Blue also works in bathrooms with any sort of beach-theme.

    Color Combinations

    Blue pairs very well with white for a clean, classic look. You can use several different shades of blue with white. pink-yellow-orange-butterfly-nursery-decor.jpgWhite and blue patterns are readily available in geometric prints or classic floral patterns like those found on willow china.

    Mixing blue with sandy tones forms the basis for beach theme decorating. These types of rooms often incorporate white as well, or darker brown tones. Several different shades of blue work in coastal or beach-theme rooms, including light blue, aqua blue, and other water tones.

    Bright blue shades can pair well with other bright colors, like coral, for an eye-catching look. Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, so putting these shades together provides contrast. White is often added to keep the colors from overwhelming each other.

    Blues also pair well with other cool colors in shades of green and purple. These are called “analogous colors” because they are next to each other on the color wheel. Using yellow, green, and blue together also works, especially if you're looking for a tropical feel.

    Blue Decorations

    blue-decorative-nylon-flowers.jpgMany of Bugs-n-Blooms insect and flower decorations come in blue options. Fifty-eight of our hanging butterfly, dragonfly and flower decorations and mobiles come in various shades of blue. Most of these are a light, bright blue, and there are some with a more muted tone as well. Some of the layered decorations mix blue and white together. Six styles of curtain tie-backs also come in blue.

    We also offer nautical theme wall stickers. These stickers use navy blue, red, white and gray tones, which pair well with other shades of blue on the walls and in decorations. For nautical or beach-themed children's rooms, the growth chart and alphabet stickers make cute decorations. The “Row, row, row your boat” quote sticker and decals shaped like boats, an anchor, whale, lighthouse and life preserver work in any nautical theme room.

  • Designing a Fantasy Nursery with Garden Decorations

    Fantasy stories have long captured the hearts of young and old alike. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, fairy tales from around the world – all have inspired generations of readers. If you love stories like these and look forward to sharing them with your children, a fantasy-inspired theme might be the perfect place to start planning your nursery.


    Earth-Tone Colors

    Neutral colors in earth-tones like tans, browns and grays make a gender-neutral basis for a fantasy nursery design. Many fantasy settings, like Middle Earth and Narnia, have strong ties to nature. Mix and match different earth tones and bright accent colors to create the specific effect you want.

    To create a woodland-inspired setting, use warm green tones like fern and olive with woody brown colors. If you'd rather evoke an open field or farmland setting, pair warm brown colors like wheat and terra-cotta with pale green walls. For a fairy-tale princess room, add bright pinks against a backdrop of elegant, pale gray walls.

    Craft Projects

    purple-hailey-ladybug-accentsThere's quite a bit of fantasy/geek theme décor available through the internet, but not much is designed specifically for nursery decorations. If you can't find the type of decorations you want, fantasy nursery themes lend themselves well to personalized craft projects.

    If you're crafting a room that references several different fantasy stories and locations, a literary sign post might be the perfect project for your room. You can craft these out of wood that matches the colors you've chosen for the nursery, and customize it with whatever fantastical locations you want. For a finishing touch, perch a few Bugs-n-Blooms insect decorations on some of the signs.

    Other DIY ideas include attaching fabric to an open embroidery hoop and hanging it from the ceiling as a bed canopy, re-purposing a tree branch as a curtain rod, and attaching cut-outs to the inside of a lampshade. For lampshades, use scrapbooking paper to cut out a phrase like “Once Upon A Time” or a silhouette image of an iconic character like Peter Pan, then use spray adhesive to stick it to the inside of your lampshade. Use low-wattage and/or low heat light bulbs in the finished lamp so the paper doesn't get too hot.

    Finishing Touchespink-curtain-tie-backs

    Once the paint and furniture choices are made, and major decorations in place, it's time to add some finishing touches to the nursery. Few fantastical baby rooms
    are complete without some well-placed butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees or flowers. We offer wall and ceiling decorations in a wide range of sizes, matching curtain tie-backs, and cute hanging mobiles to round out your nursery décor.

    If you want to spell out a name or phrase, our alphabet decals come in several styles to match the other insect and flower decorations. We also offer bugs, flowers, and cloud and sun stickers for use in wall murals. Our wall stickers can safely be placed right above the crib. You don't want to hang heavier wall decorations where there's a chance they could fall on baby, so these wall stickers are the perfect choice.

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