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  • This Is What You Should Focus On When Planning Kindergarten and Preschool Graduations

    When you're planning a kindergarten or preschool graduation, you want to make this a memorable day for the kids and their parents. We also want children to learn to love learning and feel a sense of accomplishment from their work. And a graduation celebration gives you a perfect opportunity to encourage young students as they move on to their next year of school.

    Set your celebration up for greatness by planning a theme in advance. Choose a theme you think kids will enjoy and pick up your preschool graduation supplies early so you won't feel rushed when it's time to decorate. Also, make sure the activities you plan are age-appropriate. Keep the speeches short, plan some fun things to do, and be sure to celebrate each child's achievement.

    Butterfly Decor For Preschool Kindergarten Graduation

    Pick A Theme

    Ideas for preschool graduation and kindergarten graduation themes are almost limitless. You want this to be a special day for the kids, and the decorations you choose should help make that happen. Here are a few themes you could use:

    • ABCs: Use this theme for preschoolers ready to show-off their familiarity with the alphabet. Decorate by hanging signs that match letters with specific items. For example, have a “B is for butterfly” sign next to a butterfly decoration and “C is for cookies” sign on the food table.
    • Kinder-Garden: Celebrate how your students “blossomed” in kindergarten with a garden themed party. Use bug and flower decorations to create a colorful garden themed setting where you're holding the graduation.
    • Nautical: encourage your young graduates as they “set sail” for the next phase in their lives. Fill the room with red, white, and navy colors along with nautical theme decorations.
    • Rhymes: Mother Goose, Doctor Seuss, and other rhyming books often play a large role in preschool and kindergarten. For this theme, you can send out rhyming invitations and hand out bookmark favors with a rhyming quote encouraging children to keep reading over the summer.

    Graduation Dress-Up

    Graduation caps and gowns sized for preschoolers and kindergartners are available from several suppliers. You can either match school colors or match the theme if that works better for you. Having kids decorate their graduation caps is a fun activity you can do together as a class before graduation.

    If you're not planning to have children in caps and gown for the graduation, another idea is to encourage them to dress-up to match your theme. Most preschool and kindergarten graduation themes lend themselves well to creative dress-up. Butterfly costumes work well for a garden theme, sailor outfits are perfect for nautical parties, and shirts featuring quotations or story characters can work for rhyming parties.

    Have Some Fun

    Graduations for young children should be fun. This isn't the time for long boring speeches or ceremonies that stretch on for hours while everyone stays quietly in their seats. Children are unlikely to sit politely through a lengthy speech and since this is their special day the graduation should be suited to their preferences. Better to keep the ceremony and speeches short and leave more time open for fun activities and eating.

    Making individual time capsules is a great idea for a kindergarten graduation. This activity can begin weeks before the graduation with students, teachers, and parents writing notes for the student's future selves. Pictures (perhaps in the outfit the student will wear for the graduation ceremony) also make a nice addition. You can seal the capsules as part of the graduation ceremony.

    If the children in a preschool or kindergarten class learned songs throughout the school year, they might enjoy presenting a mini concert at their graduation. As long as the students know the song well and are comfortable singing it, they'll usually have fun sharing their music with parents and friends.

    Encourage Achievements

    Gift giving and awards presentations are a great activity to include in a preschool or kindergarten graduation ceremony. Make sure all the special recognitions and awards highlight a positive quality in each child. Never try to poke fun at a child's less positive traits at the graduation – it never goes well. And don't leave any of the children out.

    When giving out awards at a kindergarten or preschool graduation, there are several ways to create certificates. This website lets you customize printable forms. You can choose from several different themes, colors, and images to make sure the printed awards complement your decorations. The form also allows you to customize text and give your awards titles, add date and school names, and even personalize it with a custom message.

    A Few More Tips

    Be sure you send out invitations to the graduation ceremony several weeks in advance. You want as many parents as possible to get it on their calendars early so they'll be able to attend. And if you include RSVP requests, you'll get a better idea of how many people to plan for. Also, remember to order your preschool graduation supplies early so they arrive in plenty of time.

    The day of the ceremony, make sure you have enough parking space, plenty of seating, and food available for all the guests. And remember to double-check spellings before the ceremony. You want to make sure every child's name is spelled correctly on diplomas and certificates. Also, print out enough programs that every guest you're expecting can have a copy.

    Another thing you'll want to double-check is your sound system. Everything will go much more smoothly if the microphone and speakers work so everyone can hear. No one likes straining their ears to hear when their child's name is called or missing out on a teacher's positive comment about their little one.

    However you choose to celebrate, make sure to have fun with it and be creative. Choose a perfect theme, maybe get some graduation caps and gowns, include some fun activities, and get all the children involved. Your preschoolers or kindergartners are sure to remember how special their graduation day was for years to come.

  • How To Put Your Unique Stamp On A Wedding Theme By Decorating With Dragonflies

    So you've started narrowing down your wedding themes. You're pretty sure whether you want classic or rustic or contemporary style dresses. Maybe you even have some idea of how you might want to decorate your venue and things like that. But there's still something missing. Something that will make your wedding unique.

    How about a dragonfly wedding? Dragonflies are an unusual choice for a wedding theme but they're incredibly versatile. You can make them work with just about any wedding style or color you have in mind. And they're especially perfect if you're looking for something a little different for a spring or summer wedding.

    In some cultures, dragonflies symbolize change, prosperity, good luck, strength, and harmony. Those are some pretty good symbols to attach to a wedding. So if you'd like to make dragonflies a part of your special day, keep reading for decorating ideas.


    Dragonflies On The Walls

    If you decide you want dragonflies as a big part of your wedding decorations, you can cover the walls with them. They would also look lovely on pillars for an outdoor pavilion. Hanging nylon dragonfly decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms come in several sizes and a wide range of colors for dragonfly themed weddings.

    All these three-dimensional dragonfly decorations are easy to hang. They can go directly on the walls using a tack, wire brads, upholstery nails, stikkiwax, glue dots, small nail, staple gun, Velcro, or even double-sided tape. Check with your venue for how they want you to hang things. Our decorations also come with removable fishing line attached so they can be tied on to things.

    Ceiling Decorations

    You easily hang dragonfly decorations from the ceilings using the attached plastic hoop and fishing line. They'll look especially pretty if you're also hanging lights from the ceiling, which will shine through the colored fabric layers on the wings.

    Another way to add hanging dragonfly decorations is by using dragonfly mobiles. You might only think of mobiles as a nursery decoration, but they're also perfect for hanging from a ceiling, rafter beams, or a wedding arch. And they're great outdoors as well, jut as long as it doesn't get too windy.

    Ceremony Decorations

    Our dragonfly decorations also work well attached to seats along an aisle or used to decorate a wedding arch. And if you're using fresh flowers for those decorations already, dragonflies fit in perfectly. Just use the attached fishing line to tie them in with the flowers or wire them in with florist wire.

    You don't have to worry about the decorations not coming in the right size. We offer everything from mini (those measure two inches wide and high) up to extra large (which measures 18 inches wide and 11 inches high). And there are several sizes in between, so you'll be able to find just the right size for what you need.

    Wedding Party Accessories

    Our mini dragonfly decorations are just the right size for accessorizing a wedding party. They're so easy to sew, glue or wire on to things. Put several on the basket your flower girl is carrying. Sew one in each corner of the ring pillow. Attach them to hair accessories.

    These decorations are also easy to add to your wedding flowers. That includes the bride's and bridesmaids bouquets as well as the boutonnieres for groom and groomsmen. Just ask your florist ahead of time and make sure you get the dragonflies to them in plenty of time before the wedding.


    Reception Decorating

    You can use dragonflies at your reception much the same way you used them when decorating for the wedding ceremony. Put them on the walls, hang them from the ceilings, use them in the flower centerpieces – whatever you like.

    One cute way to use dragonfly decorations at the reception is by tying them on chairs for the wedding party. Dragonfly curtain tiebacks with their trailing ribbons work really well as chair decorations. You can also attach our mini decorations to wire rings and use them as wine glass charms.

    Food and Favors

    Our mini dragonflies can also be used to decorate cakes or wedding favors. Our smallest style, the petite glitter dragonflies, come in sets of 6 and each measure 2-inches by 2-inches. You can get them in seven different colors or a mixed set.

    To use them as cake decorations, talk with your baker. They'll need to have the dragonflies well before the day of your wedding so they can add them to your cake. You'll just have to remember to take the decorations off before eating. For wedding favors, attaching the dragonflies to little bags or boxes makes them extra-special.

    You can use as many or as few of these ideas as you want. Maybe you just want to add a few tiny, subtle dragonflies to your decorations. That's great – even a few dragonflies will make your wedding decorations unique. Or maybe you've fallen in love with dragonflies and want to have them all over your wedding. That works great too – dragonflies can work perfectly as the main theme. Either way, dragonfly wedding decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms are a wonderful way to capture the beauty and uniqueness of dragonflies for your wedding.

  • Casual Outdoor Weddings

    Late spring through early fall is the perfect time for casual outdoor weddings. There's a good chance of clear skies, your guests won't get too cold, and you'll have ready access to fresh in-season foods and flowers.

    Bugs-n-Blooms decorations work perfectly for outdoor weddings. They're sturdy enough to stand up to some light weather and are easy to hang from tents, chairs, wedding arches and other structures. As an added bonus none of these decorations will wilt in the summer heat, unlike fresh flowers.



    Weather Planning

    One thing you absolutely have to take into consideration when planning an outdoor wedding is the weather. You'll need a backup plan in case it starts pouring rain and you'll need a way to escape the heat for sunny days. Setting up party tents can serve a dual purpose in protecting the festivities from rain showers or shading guests on a particularly sunny day.

    For summer weddings, make sure you take the warmer weather into account. Try printing wedding programs on paper fans and choose a late afternoon or early evening start time to avoid the heat of the day. Also, keep in mind that buttercream cake frosting melts in the heat, so you'll want to ask your baker about options that will hold up better in the summer.

    Color Choices

    Literally any wedding colors can work for a casual outdoor wedding. We often associate lighter colors with spring weddings and bright, bold colors with summer, but you could shake things up with cool pastels in the summer or brighter colors in the spring or fall. You also don't have to stick with just two main colors. Perhaps you have your bridesmaids in floral-print dresses and then use several different colors from that print in the decorations.

    Whatever colors you pick, we have a Bugs-n-Blooms decoration to match. Our butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, ladybugs and bees come in a huge variety of styles and colors. You'll find light and dark pinks and purples, cheerful yellows, bold reds, cool blues and greens, classic white, and a few decorations in browns, oranges, and rainbow colors as well.

    Laid-Back Style

    Since you're going with a casual theme, you might consider letting the flower girl dress up in a cute summer costume. A flower girl with bumblebee or butterfly wings might look out of place in a formal church wedding, but she'll fit right in outdoors.

    While you can still go with a full-length formal wedding gown, this theme also works very well for brides who are thinking of choosing a shorter gown. Tea-length wedding dresses are back in style, and then you won't have to worry about dragging the hem of your gown through mud or getting it grass-stained.

    Bridesmaids dresses are also going through a more casual trend. Some bridal parties are going for a casual look with mismatched dresses in coordinating colors, or by choosing a skirt for all the bridesmaids to wear with whatever top they want.

  • How To Repurpose An Underused Room Into A Butterfly Room So Cute It'll Melt Your Heart

    Do you have a room in your house that you rarely use? If so, making it your next decorating project can give you more usable space in your home. Repurposing a room instead of starting completely from scratch can save you both time and money. Perhaps you won't need to repaint, or you can use some of the furniture that was previously in the room. It's a way to update your home without engaging in major remodeling work.

    One way to make a room more cheerful, casual, or appropriate for children is to decorate with butterflies. Butterfly theme rooms are welcoming, colorful spaces that you can really make your own with the wide variety of available decorations.


    Which Rooms To Repurpose?

    The question of which room to transform depends on your lifestyle and needs. Basically, you're looking to turn a room that you don't use very often into a space that you'll make good use of.

    If you usually eat in the kitchen or living room, then why not turn the formal dining room into something you'll use more often like a home office? Of if you're expecting a baby but rarely have overnight guests, your guest room could be turned into a nursery. And if you have a big formal sitting room, you can turn it into a livable family space by repurposing it as a game room, home theater, and/or children's playroom.

    What Should I Make?

    The goal of repurposing is up to you. It mostly depends on what you need to change so the space in your home is something you'll use. But here are a few ideas to think about when you're making a new butterfly room:

    Children's Rooms

    Butterflies are a perfect theme when repurposing a guest room, office, or other little-used room for use as a nursery or child's room. Decorating a butterfly room for kids lends a fun, magical touch to the decor. And butterflies come in so many different colors that you are likely to find something that matches the existing color scheme if you don't plan to redo the walls. Adding butterfly wall hangings or a butterfly mobile quickly sets a child-like tone for the room. You can continue the theme with butterfly print bed clothes, or use colors from the butterfly decorations to carry the theme throughout the room.

    Family Play Room

    If you have a large unused space like a formal sitting room, turn it into a play area your whole family can enjoy. Depending on how large the space is, you can use techniques like furniture and rug placement to divide the space up for different uses. For example, you might install a TV along one wall and arrange seating areas facing it, leaving the other half of the room open so your kids have space to play with their toys. And if the room used to feel stiffly formal, adding butterfly decorations can help with transforming it into a fun and casual space.


    New Sun Room

    If you have an unused room with good lighting, you can turn it into a sun room. The more windows the better. And since these rooms tend to “bring the outside in,” they're perfect for decorating with a garden or butterfly theme. Butterfly curtain tie-backs work well in sun rooms. Not only do they add to the theme, but they also keep curtains from blocking light into the room. Butterflies can also be used on walls, tucked into potted plants, or you can purchase butterfly theme lamps, pillows, and other decorating items.


    How Do I Get Started?

    Once you know which room you'll be repurposing and what you want to turn it into, you can get started making a plan. First, move everything out of the room. Even if you're going to use some of those items again, it helps to start with a “blank slate.” Next, clean the room. Make sure the floor and windows are clean and dust the walls and built-in shelving.

    If you're the kind of person who likes having a plan, measure the room and then sketch it out on 1/4-inch graph paper (one square of paper for each square foot of space). Then measure the furniture pieces you're thinking of putting in the room and draw them to scale on a separate sheet of graph paper. Cut out the paper furniture pieces and arrange them around the room so you can try out different layouts and see how much space you have.

    What To Decorate First?

    Once the room is clean and you know what your plan for it is, start decorating. If you want to re-do the walls or floors, this is the time to take care of that. Replace lighting fixtures if you need to. And if you're going to add built-in storage, reframe windows, or other light carpentry work you can start those projects now.

    Once the basics are in place, start moving in furniture. After major furniture pieces are in place you get to start on one of the most fun parts of decorating. Here's where you add all the little touches that make this butterfly room uniquely yours. Hang a butterfly mobile for your baby. Cover one wall in your family fun room with a cloud of sparkling butterflies. Suspend butterfly decorations from your sun room ceiling to catch the light and spin in a breeze through the windows. Or whatever else you like. Let your creativity take flight with your butterfly decorations.

  • Here Are The Cutest Butterfly Graduation Themes Of All Time

    What better way to celebrate student achievement than with a graduation party? Throwing a party for high school graduates is just about an essential part of the school journey. But you can also encourage kids to keep working hard in school by throwing preschool, kindergarten, elementary, or junior high graduation parties as well.

    If you're planning to celebrate a graduation this year and invite the student's friends and family, consider decorating with a butterfly theme. Having a theme will making picking out which decorations to use easier and make the party even more special. And butterflies are a perfect choice for graduation parties because they symbolize new beginnings and good luck. They'll probably be more popular for a girl's graduation party, but you can make them work for co-ed or boy's parties as well.

    “Take Flight” Theme


    The life cycle of a butterfly as it develops from a caterpillar into a beautiful flying insect is an apt metaphor for how a child grows up, goes through school, and finally graduates and takes their place in the adult world. A “Take Flight” theme emphasizes change in the graduate's life and promises hope for the future. It's great for high school graduations.

    For this theme, you'll want to decorate with butterflies that look like they're about to take off flying. We have the perfect fit with our hanging 3-D butterfly decorations. You can use them to decorate walls, ceilings, awards displays, serving tables, and sitting areas. We offer many designs and colors so you can personalize the theme however you like.

    “On To The Next Stage” Theme


    Butterfly symbolism varies in different cultures, but they most often picture rebirth, change, hope, and good luck. That's because butterflies go through several stages before reaching maturity, moving from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis, and then butterfly. An “On To The Next Stage” theme works perfectly for a graduation party for students of any age.

    For this theme, try to incorporate caterpillars as well as butterflies into the decorations. You can also use quotes such as the one on our wall sticker that reads, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” This sticker measures 14 inches wide by 7 inches high and you can stick it on any clean, flat surface. Also, if you're hosting a party for younger children, consider hiring a face painter to come in and paint butterfly masks on their faces.

    “Bright Butterfly” Theme


    Celebrate your students and cheer on their academic achievements with a “Bright Butterfly” theme. This theme's emphasis should be on creating a fun, encouraging party. For this and any of the other themes in this article, you can use butterfly quotes and or cute sayings on printed banners, invitations, and even on thank-you cards for after the party. And if you're making the invitations or cards yourself, our mini butterfly decorations are great for paper crafting projects.

    Bright colors are your go-to for this theme. Our designs come in a variety of styles so you can pick exactly which colors you want and mix-and-match styles. Some of our decorations, like the crystal hanging butterflies, come in bright colors including green, pink, purple, orange and blue. And if you'd rather go with more subtle colors, don't worry. We have those as well.

    “Butterfly Garden Party” Theme


    Graduation usually falls at the perfect time for outdoor parties. You'll have late spring or early summer weather to work with and there's a good chance you can count on clear skies for the party. Butterfly decorations seem right at home outdoors and you'll have no trouble using them to decorate an outdoor garden party.

    One of the cutest butterfly decorations to use outdoors is our curtain tie-backs. These can be used to tie back curtains indoors, to decorate the posts of a tent set-up outside, or tied around chairs in the seating area. The tie-backs come as sets of two and they each have ribbons hanging from the butterfly decoration. These ribbons will look so pretty waving in the breeze outside.

    Don't Forget The Food


    Once decorations are taken care of and invitations sent, the next important thing to think about it what to serve the guests. Desserts are probably the easiest things to make butterfly-themed. Drinks are pretty easy, too, because all you have to do is use labels like “butterfly nectar” for the drinks.

    If you ask the baker when ordering your graduation cake, they will likely be able to add some kind of butterfly design to the frosting or fondant decorations. Butterfly shaped cookies may be available for purchase as well or you can easily make your own using a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter. It's also easy to add butterflies to cupcakes as fondant decorations or using pretzels to make the wings.

    Take-Away Tips



    Remember, choosing a theme isn't the only thing you'll need to do when planning a graduation party. Establishing a budget is a crucial step because that's going to determine how many people you can invite, what type of food you'll serve, and how much you can decorate. Next, it's time to decide where and when you'll host the party and send out invitations. Only then can you really start decorating and planning the food.

    Also, try not to get too stressed-out. Party planning should be fun, and having a plan in place will make the party itself easier to enjoy. And if you take the time before the party to figure out how you want things to go, you'll have a good start on putting together a lovely butterfly graduation celebration to celebrate your student “taking flight” into the next stage of their life.

  • Swamp-theme Decorating for Preschoolers

    Little kids love ponds and swamps. From catching tadpoles to chasing dragonflies, swamps are an endless source of amusement and a fun way to learn about nature. You can bring that interest indoors by decorating classrooms, daycares, and playrooms with a swampy pond theme.


    Swamp/Pond Decorations

    Swamp or pond-theme kids rooms typically use blue and green as the dominant decorating colors. Decorations can include green and blue rugs for the floor, paper cut-outs of lily pads hung on the walls, and decorations shaped like critters that live around ponds. Wall murals – painted on the wall and/or made using wall stickers – are also used to decorate pond-theme rooms.

    Bugs-n-Blooms' dragonfly decorations are perfect for swamp and pond themes since those locations are dragonflies' native environment. Flowers and other bug decorations like butterflies and ladybugs also work well. Our decorations are not designed to perfectly represent real insects, but that's okay. They are a cute way to bring more color into the room while still staying true to the decorating theme.

    Science and Nature

    Meeting ECERS requirements for science/nature and sand/water ties in very nicely with a pond or swamp decorating theme. While our decorations won't count towards ECERS compliance, decorating with a nature theme can encourage interest in the science activities and make the science/nature and sand/water activities part of the entire room's theme.

    Sand and water are naturally found in pond settings, and blend seamlessly with swamp-theme decorations. House plants, a terrarium, aquarium with fish or other animals, and a butterfly hatching kit in your “living things” category for science/nature can double as decorations in a pond theme room. Realistic science/nature toys can include plastic versions of creatures native to pond or swamp locations, such as turtles, snakes, and frogs.

    Decorating Reminders

    Decorating for children involves working with child-friendly furnishings while also making the room safe and visually appealing for kids. Bugs-n-Blooms decorations are designed for decorating around children, but they are not toys and may contain small parts. They're not suitable for children under 3 years old and are not designed to be handled by children under the age of 12 years.

    Use Bugs-n-Blooms for out-of-reach decorating, and not in a way that encourages children to handle the decorations. This actually works really well with a pond or swamp theme. If you treat lower parts of the walls as the water and the higher parts of walls as a place for sky and trees, then the Bugs-n-Blooms decorations like dragonflies naturally look best when placed higher up the walls.

  • How To Plan The Best Fall Baby Shower Of All Time

    So you're in charge of throwing a baby shower. That's awesome! It can also be a lot of work and pressure. You want things to be perfect for the expectant mother, but you don't want to stress yourself out in the process. Never fear – if you use your planning time wisely you'll be able to get everything ready for the party without driving yourself crazy.

    If you're throwing a baby shower in the fall, using the autumn season for your decorating inspiration is one of the simplest options. A fall-themed baby shower works equally well for a baby boy or girl, so you can use these tips for any expectant mother.


    Start With The Basics

    A couple months before you start planning your theme and decorations, take some time to decide where you'll host the party, what date you'll have it on, and who you're going to invite. Unless it's a surprise party, ask the mother who she wants there so you're less likely to forget to invite someone she really wants at the party. Also, decide whether this will be an all-girls or co-ed party. It's also a good idea to set a budget at this stage. Once you have a location, date, guest list, and budget you can move on with the fun parts of party planning.

    Pick A Theme

    Autumn can stand on its own as a seasonal party theme, but if you want to make things a little more interesting you can combine it with a cute insect theme. Bug decorations like pretty ladybugs and yellow bumblebees add a bright, cheerful note to fall baby shower themes. And while you can certainly use insect decorations for gender-neutral parties, they also give you the option to make the theme more specific.

    Ladybug Girl Theme

    If the new baby is a girl, a fall theme with ladybugs makes the perfect choice to celebrate the arrival of a new little lady. You can add ladybugs in small doses with fall as the base theme, or make ladybugs the main focus of the decorations. For example, you can enhance a fall-themed centerpiece by adding a mini ladybug to flowers. Or you can use larger ladybug decorations as the centerpiece with items like mini pumpkins as accents.

    Bumblebee Boy Theme

    Bumblebees are a great addition to a fall baby shower if you know the mother is expecting a little boy. One of the nice things about using a fall theme for a baby boy's shower is that it lets you get away from the stereotypical blue into earthy autumn colors. To brighten things up, yellow bumblebee decorations can be easily added to flower arrangements, napkin decorations, walls and entryways, and table decorations.


    Send Your Invitations

    The invitations are your guests' first introduction to the party. Give them a taste of what to expect by using your autumn insects theme in the invitations. You'll want to send these about 6 weeks before the date of the party. Make sure you include any information the guests will need about gift registries, maps and directions to the party location, and when they should RSVP.

    Buy Decorations

    By this time, you've picked out a theme and used it for your invitations. Now all you have to do is go shopping for decorations. Opt for fall colors like reds, oranges, and yellows for the table settings. For easy cleanup, use disposable plates and tableware. Pumpkins, bouquets of chrysanthemums, or assortments of fall fruits such as cranberries all make wonderful centerpieces and decorations.

    Some decorations can double as gifts. You can use curtain tie-backs and mobiles that match your theme to decorate for the party, then send them home with the mother to decorate baby's nursery. They make lovely gifts and also provide a lasting reminder of her baby's shower.

    Get Some Food

    For the food, anything with a fall theme will work. Turkey dishes, cranberry scones and muffins, autumn pies, caramel apples, and pumpkin desserts are a good place to start. Apple cider makes a good beverage choice for a fall-themed baby shower. Remember to keep in mind the timing of your party. If it's mid-morning, serve brunch foods. For an afternoon party, focus on snacks and finger foods. A light dinner will work for evening showers.

    Plan Activities

    You don't have to plan games for the shower. But fun baby shower games will break the ice and get guests laughing while keeping them entertained. And don't forget to have fall-themed prizes for the winning guests. Just be sure to leave plenty of time in the party schedule for eating, talking, and unwrapping presents.

    And there you have it – the perfect recipe for a fall-themed baby shower. Start with the basics so you have the budget, location, and guest information that you need to move forward with a plan. Then start adding on decorations, menu planning, and organizing activities. Decorations like ladybugs and bumblebees are a great way to add color and variety to a basic autumn theme. Whether the baby is a boy, a girl, or you don't know yet, ladybugs and bumblebees will complement the fall baby shower theme. And when you carry that theme into the food and activities as well, it'll all come together to make the party a memorable success.

  • Here's Why People Are Freaking Out Over Sports Theme Bedrooms for Kids

    For people who love sports, it's not hard to understand why you'd want to decorate a child's bedroom with a sports theme. The only problem is that there are so many good ideas you can use with this theme. Where do you start?

    First off, keep in mind that you're making a bedroom more than you are a sports room. It needs to be a good place for your kid to sleep, study, and play more than it needs to perfectly highlight the sports themed. That idea should help you with getting the overall design in place. Then you can start picking out colors and decorations.

    Here at Bugs-n-Blooms, we understand you want good decorations at convenient prices. That's why we offer a variety of affordably priced, high-quality vinyl wall decals to help you create the perfect sports themed bedroom. Keep reading for sport themed decorating tips and info on how to use the decorations we sell.


    Getting Started

    The sports theme is quite versatile and you can transform just about any child's room using sports themed bedroom décor. So when you're getting started, take a step back and focus on what you need the room to do before you think about what you want the decorations to look like.

    If you're planning a nursery, think about what the best furniture layout will be so you can easily navigate the room. You want to make sure the room is set-up so it's easy for you to take care of the baby before you start thinking about decorations.

    If the room is for an older child, get them involved with making decisions about where to put major furniture pieces. For example, they might have ideas about where they want the bed, desk, etc, in relation to the window. And if you'll have more than one child sharing the room, make sure you decide on how you'll layout beds before making other decorating decisions.

    Picking Colors

    Once you have the major furniture pieces planned out you can start decorating. If you're going with a specific sports team as your theme, you can use their colors when painting. And if those colors seem too bright, you might opt for a neutral tone on most of the walls and then an accent wall painted with the team colors.

    Alternately, you can just choose colors you like or which complement other decorations you'll want to have in the room. For example, if you have a baseball theme lamp using the colors off-white, blue and red you can use those colors when painting the walls. Off-white walls paired with curtains that incorporate red and blue are one possibility. Or you could go with blue on the walls and use red as an accent color.

    One of the best ways to get ideas for your color scheme is to look at pictures of what other people are doing in their sports theme rooms. Click here to check out an article with 15 sports bedroom ideas and then here to get 50 more sports themed ideas.

    Sports Theme Bedroom Décor

    Bugs-n-Blooms offers sports themed styles of vinyl wall stickers in basketball, baseball, soccer and football designs. Here's an overview of the different styles we offer:


    Letters and Numbers

    We offer both alphabet letter and varsity-style number stickers. The round letter stickers measure 5-1/2 inches and the footballs measure 6 inches. All these stickers are available individually, so you get exactly which letters and numbers you need. They work well for writing out a child's name on the wall above their bed, placing their initials on the smooth surface of a storage chest, or adding their jersey number to a wall collage.


    Sports wall decals are similar shapes as the wall letters but slightly smaller. Each sticker sheet includes four ball stickers and a banner-style sticker with the word “basketball,” “baseball,” “soccer” or “football” written on a background that looks like rustic tin. These decals are perfect for sports themed nursery wall décor and work well as accents for a sports themed bedroom. They also match all styles of Bugs-n-Blooms sport-theme walls stickers and complement other sport decorations.

    Growth Chart

    The sports themed growth chart has images of a basketball, baseball, football and soccer ball on a background that looks like rustic tin. Each growth chart decal comes as a set of three stickers. The actual size when assembled is 8-1/4 inches wide by 38 inches high and the chart measures children from 2 to 5 feet tall. Hang it 23 inches up from the floor to ensure the chart accurately measures your child's height.

    This growth chart matches our other sports themed stickers and is a practical as well as attractive addition to the decorations in a child's bedroom or playroom. You can use a marker or pen to write on the vinyl sticker to keep a record of how fast your child is growing.

    Quote Stickers

    The sports versions of our quote stickers are a little different than other styles. Instead of featuring a quote or phrase, they're printed with the word “basketball,” “baseball,” “soccer” or “football.” The background image looks like rustic tin and each sticker also pictures a basketball, baseball, soccer ball or football. These stickers measure 14 inches wide by 7 inches high.

    Bring It All Together

    Once you know how you're going to lay out the furniture, decide which colors you're going to use, and have your wall decorations picked out it's time to start putting it all together. Start by cleaning the room and painting, then move in the furniture. Remember to wait at least 30 days after painting before hanging our wall decorations. You don't want them to peel off because the paint hasn't dried all the way yet.

    Sports themed bedrooms are so popular you won't have any trouble getting themed bedding, curtains, and other decorations if you want them. In fact, because so many people are freaking out over sports themed bedrooms for kids it's really easy to find great decorations to fit the theme. So if you like sports theme décor, there's no better time than now to get started decorating a room for your baby, child, or teenager.

  • Perfect Wall Letters For Every Theme

    Here at Bugs-n-Blooms, we strive to offer you the best quality decorations at affordable prices. These include our wall decal stickers, which offer a quick and easy way for you to personalize spaces within your home. These stickers work for a variety of decorating tasks, including spelling your a child's name in the bedroom, marking boxes in the playroom with a child's initials, or writing short phrases on the walls. And we offer a variety of styles that work with different decorating themes.



    Bugs-n-Blooms wall letters match perfectly with most outdoor theme rooms. It's hard to go wrong with these versatile stickers. They're perfect for butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, bee, and flower themes. And all these styles will also work for a garden theme room, while dragonfly letters pair perfectly with a wetland decorating theme. You could also mix-and-match multiple letter styles for a “cute as a bug” theme nursery.



    If you're decorating a magical room for a little prince or princess, flower or bug theme wall letters can fit right in. They're especially well suited for a fairy tale garden theme but also work for other fantasy and princess themes. Because we offer our wall letters in pink, green, red, yellow, brown, purple, gray, and lavender you can match them with just about any color.



    Create a high seas look with our nautical stickers. These stickers are perfect for a gender-neutral nursery or a little boy's bedroom. They'll pair perfectly with neutral tones, red, white, and navy blue colors. To keep with the theme, we also offer a matching growth chart, decorating decals, and a “Row, row, row your boat” quote sticker.



    If your child is a dancer, they'll love our ballet shoes wall letters. These soft pink stickers let you personalize their bedroom in a way that highlights one of their favorite things. The stickers also pair perfectly with our other dance theme wall decals, including ballet shoe stickers, growth chart, and the quote “Dance like no one is watching.”



    We carry sports theme wall letters and number stickers in several different styles. You get to choose from football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. One popular way to display these stickers is using the wall letters to spell our your child's name and the number stickers to add their jersey number.

    Once you've matched your theme to a wall letter design that fits, the stickers are easy to hang. Click here to check out our tips for getting them in the right place on your first try. And if something does go wrong, don't worry. Our stickers can be gently peeled off the wall and repositioned more than once. That also means you can decorate without damaging the walls. There's no reason not to give these stickers a try!

  • 6 Easy Tips For Hanging Letter Stickers Right The First Time

    Personalized wall decorations don't get much better than alphabet stickers. They're easy to customize, you can hang them quickly, and they won't hurt the wall when you remove them. But if you're like me, you might be worried about getting the stickers hung the right way. What if they're crooked or rippled or spaced wrong?

    No worries. Wall stickers are easy to hang and we've got some helpful tips here for you to get your wall letters on the wall correctly.

    Check The Surface

    Before hanging wall stickers, take a look at the wall you're planning to work with. The stickers won't stick on textured walls, brick, cinder block, unpainted drywall, or paneling with a porous texture. The best surfaces are smooth walls, painted drywall (wait at least 30 days after painting and don't use a glossy paint), glass, metal, or sanded wood (without lacquer).

    Measure The Space

    Make sure you have enough room on your wall for all the letters you want to use. Dimensions vary by letter and/or style. You can click over to one of our wall letter product pages to get the sizes for each letter. Just hover over or click on the letter to get the size you're looking for.

    Clean It Up

    Once you've picked out a good spot, it's time to clean it. Use a warm, damp cloth to wipe down the wall's surface. Make sure the cloth only has water on it – no soap or other cleaning agents. Let the washed surface dry for at least 2 to 4 hours.

    Lay Them Out

    Before peeling the stickers off their backing, you can use painter's tape to lightly stick them to the wall where you think you'll want to put them (keep the tape on the backing, not the sticker). That'll let you take a step back and make sure things are lined up correctly. If you want the stickers hung in a straight line, use a level to make sure they're even. And if you want them centered in a specific spot on the wall, be sure to measure the whole name or phrase you're spelling out and line the center up correctly.

    Place Your Stickers

    Once you've decided where you want the stickers, it's time to put them on the wall. Carefully peel the letter from its backing and lightly smooth it onto the wall moving from top to bottom. Take a step back and check that this is where you really want the sticker. If you're happy, press down firmly on the decal, smoothing from top to bottom and out toward the edges to remove any air bubbles. We recommend using your fingers, or you can use a sturdy plastic card to smooth out the decal.

    Fix Problems

    If you do place the stickers and then step back and see something wrong, don't panic. You can peel the sticker off carefully and re-position it. Our stickers are reusable, but they will get less sticky the more you have to peel them off and move them around. Try to get it right the first time, but if not don't worry too much. They'll give you a second chance.

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