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  • This Is What You Should Focus On When Planning Kindergarten and Preschool Graduations

    When you're planning a kindergarten or preschool graduation, you want to make this a memorable day for the kids and their parents. We also want children to learn to love learning and feel a sense of accomplishment from their work. And a graduation celebration gives you a perfect opportunity to encourage young students as they move on to their next year of school.

    Set your celebration up for greatness by planning a theme in advance. Choose a theme you think kids will enjoy and pick up your preschool graduation supplies early so you won't feel rushed when it's time to decorate. Also, make sure the activities you plan are age-appropriate. Keep the speeches short, plan some fun things to do, and be sure to celebrate each child's achievement.

    Butterfly Decor For Preschool Kindergarten Graduation

    Pick A Theme

    Ideas for preschool graduation and kindergarten graduation themes are almost limitless. You want this to be a special day for the kids, and the decorations you choose should help make that happen. Here are a few themes you could use:

    • ABCs: Use this theme for preschoolers ready to show-off their familiarity with the alphabet. Decorate by hanging signs that match letters with specific items. For example, have a “B is for butterfly” sign next to a butterfly decoration and “C is for cookies” sign on the food table.
    • Kinder-Garden: Celebrate how your students “blossomed” in kindergarten with a garden themed party. Use bug and flower decorations to create a colorful garden themed setting where you're holding the graduation.
    • Nautical: encourage your young graduates as they “set sail” for the next phase in their lives. Fill the room with red, white, and navy colors along with nautical theme decorations.
    • Rhymes: Mother Goose, Doctor Seuss, and other rhyming books often play a large role in preschool and kindergarten. For this theme, you can send out rhyming invitations and hand out bookmark favors with a rhyming quote encouraging children to keep reading over the summer.

    Graduation Dress-Up

    Graduation caps and gowns sized for preschoolers and kindergartners are available from several suppliers. You can either match school colors or match the theme if that works better for you. Having kids decorate their graduation caps is a fun activity you can do together as a class before graduation.

    If you're not planning to have children in caps and gown for the graduation, another idea is to encourage them to dress-up to match your theme. Most preschool and kindergarten graduation themes lend themselves well to creative dress-up. Butterfly costumes work well for a garden theme, sailor outfits are perfect for nautical parties, and shirts featuring quotations or story characters can work for rhyming parties.

    Have Some Fun

    Graduations for young children should be fun. This isn't the time for long boring speeches or ceremonies that stretch on for hours while everyone stays quietly in their seats. Children are unlikely to sit politely through a lengthy speech and since this is their special day the graduation should be suited to their preferences. Better to keep the ceremony and speeches short and leave more time open for fun activities and eating.

    Making individual time capsules is a great idea for a kindergarten graduation. This activity can begin weeks before the graduation with students, teachers, and parents writing notes for the student's future selves. Pictures (perhaps in the outfit the student will wear for the graduation ceremony) also make a nice addition. You can seal the capsules as part of the graduation ceremony.

    If the children in a preschool or kindergarten class learned songs throughout the school year, they might enjoy presenting a mini concert at their graduation. As long as the students know the song well and are comfortable singing it, they'll usually have fun sharing their music with parents and friends.

    Encourage Achievements

    Gift giving and awards presentations are a great activity to include in a preschool or kindergarten graduation ceremony. Make sure all the special recognitions and awards highlight a positive quality in each child. Never try to poke fun at a child's less positive traits at the graduation – it never goes well. And don't leave any of the children out.

    When giving out awards at a kindergarten or preschool graduation, there are several ways to create certificates. This website lets you customize printable forms. You can choose from several different themes, colors, and images to make sure the printed awards complement your decorations. The form also allows you to customize text and give your awards titles, add date and school names, and even personalize it with a custom message.

    A Few More Tips

    Be sure you send out invitations to the graduation ceremony several weeks in advance. You want as many parents as possible to get it on their calendars early so they'll be able to attend. And if you include RSVP requests, you'll get a better idea of how many people to plan for. Also, remember to order your preschool graduation supplies early so they arrive in plenty of time.

    The day of the ceremony, make sure you have enough parking space, plenty of seating, and food available for all the guests. And remember to double-check spellings before the ceremony. You want to make sure every child's name is spelled correctly on diplomas and certificates. Also, print out enough programs that every guest you're expecting can have a copy.

    Another thing you'll want to double-check is your sound system. Everything will go much more smoothly if the microphone and speakers work so everyone can hear. No one likes straining their ears to hear when their child's name is called or missing out on a teacher's positive comment about their little one.

    However you choose to celebrate, make sure to have fun with it and be creative. Choose a perfect theme, maybe get some graduation caps and gowns, include some fun activities, and get all the children involved. Your preschoolers or kindergartners are sure to remember how special their graduation day was for years to come.

  • Perfect Wall Letters For Every Theme

    Here at Bugs-n-Blooms, we strive to offer you the best quality decorations at affordable prices. These include our wall decal stickers, which offer a quick and easy way for you to personalize spaces within your home. These stickers work for a variety of decorating tasks, including spelling your a child's name in the bedroom, marking boxes in the playroom with a child's initials, or writing short phrases on the walls. And we offer a variety of styles that work with different decorating themes.



    Bugs-n-Blooms wall letters match perfectly with most outdoor theme rooms. It's hard to go wrong with these versatile stickers. They're perfect for butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, bee, and flower themes. And all these styles will also work for a garden theme room, while dragonfly letters pair perfectly with a wetland decorating theme. You could also mix-and-match multiple letter styles for a “cute as a bug” theme nursery.



    If you're decorating a magical room for a little prince or princess, flower or bug theme wall letters can fit right in. They're especially well suited for a fairy tale garden theme but also work for other fantasy and princess themes. Because we offer our wall letters in pink, green, red, yellow, brown, purple, gray, and lavender you can match them with just about any color.



    Create a high seas look with our nautical stickers. These stickers are perfect for a gender-neutral nursery or a little boy's bedroom. They'll pair perfectly with neutral tones, red, white, and navy blue colors. To keep with the theme, we also offer a matching growth chart, decorating decals, and a “Row, row, row your boat” quote sticker.



    If your child is a dancer, they'll love our ballet shoes wall letters. These soft pink stickers let you personalize their bedroom in a way that highlights one of their favorite things. The stickers also pair perfectly with our other dance theme wall decals, including ballet shoe stickers, growth chart, and the quote “Dance like no one is watching.”



    We carry sports theme wall letters and number stickers in several different styles. You get to choose from football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. One popular way to display these stickers is using the wall letters to spell our your child's name and the number stickers to add their jersey number.

    Once you've matched your theme to a wall letter design that fits, the stickers are easy to hang. Click here to check out our tips for getting them in the right place on your first try. And if something does go wrong, don't worry. Our stickers can be gently peeled off the wall and repositioned more than once. That also means you can decorate without damaging the walls. There's no reason not to give these stickers a try!

  • 6 Easy Tips For Hanging Letter Stickers Right The First Time

    Personalized wall decorations don't get much better than alphabet stickers. They're easy to customize, you can hang them quickly, and they won't hurt the wall when you remove them. But if you're like me, you might be worried about getting the stickers hung the right way. What if they're crooked or rippled or spaced wrong?

    No worries. Wall stickers are easy to hang and we've got some helpful tips here for you to get your wall letters on the wall correctly.

    Check The Surface

    Before hanging wall stickers, take a look at the wall you're planning to work with. The stickers won't stick on textured walls, brick, cinder block, unpainted drywall, or paneling with a porous texture. The best surfaces are smooth walls, painted drywall (wait at least 30 days after painting and don't use a glossy paint), glass, metal, or sanded wood (without lacquer).

    Measure The Space

    Make sure you have enough room on your wall for all the letters you want to use. Dimensions vary by letter and/or style. You can click over to one of our wall letter product pages to get the sizes for each letter. Just hover over or click on the letter to get the size you're looking for.

    Clean It Up

    Once you've picked out a good spot, it's time to clean it. Use a warm, damp cloth to wipe down the wall's surface. Make sure the cloth only has water on it – no soap or other cleaning agents. Let the washed surface dry for at least 2 to 4 hours.

    Lay Them Out

    Before peeling the stickers off their backing, you can use painter's tape to lightly stick them to the wall where you think you'll want to put them (keep the tape on the backing, not the sticker). That'll let you take a step back and make sure things are lined up correctly. If you want the stickers hung in a straight line, use a level to make sure they're even. And if you want them centered in a specific spot on the wall, be sure to measure the whole name or phrase you're spelling out and line the center up correctly.

    Place Your Stickers

    Once you've decided where you want the stickers, it's time to put them on the wall. Carefully peel the letter from its backing and lightly smooth it onto the wall moving from top to bottom. Take a step back and check that this is where you really want the sticker. If you're happy, press down firmly on the decal, smoothing from top to bottom and out toward the edges to remove any air bubbles. We recommend using your fingers, or you can use a sturdy plastic card to smooth out the decal.

    Fix Problems

    If you do place the stickers and then step back and see something wrong, don't panic. You can peel the sticker off carefully and re-position it. Our stickers are reusable, but they will get less sticky the more you have to peel them off and move them around. Try to get it right the first time, but if not don't worry too much. They'll give you a second chance.

  • Hosting a Baby “Sprinkle” for An Expectant Mother

    If an expectant mother already has kids, there's typically no need for a big gift-giving baby shower party. She'll already have essential items like a crib, changing table, baby carrier, and playpen. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate!

    A baby “sprinkle” is a low-key alternative to showers that's perfect for moms who already have kids. The focus for this type of party is on showering the mother with love and daily baby essentials while giving family and friends a chance to celebrate.


    Get Mom's Input

    Baby sprinkles are all about celebrating the mom to be. So get her input on what she wants the celebration to look like. Who does she want on the guest list? What sort of decorating theme does she have in mind? Will there be games? What kind of food should you serve?

    Sprinkles are much less formal than the typical baby shower. You might opt for a pot-luck meal instead of a catered meal, for example. There's less pressure to deliver a perfectly decorated venue or entertainment for large groups. Sprinkles can be hosted in the mom's or a friend's home and a few easy games are all the entertainment you'll need.

    Gift Essentials

    When you're getting Mom's input on the type of party she wants, make sure to ask what kind of gifts would be most helpful. You can use her requests to pass gift suggestions along to the invited guests. Guests usually won't bring big-ticket items to a sprinkle, but you might want to find out if mom needs anything like that before telling guests to stick with less expensive presents.

    Gifting baby essentials is always a safe bet at a sprinkle. Stock parents up on diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and other bathroom essentials. Most parents will also appreciate new outfits, bedding, toys, and books, especially if the new baby is a different gender than older sibling(s).

    Include The Whole Family

    New babies are exciting, but they can also be a little scary for older siblings. Be sure to include them in the baby sprinkle and encourage guests to spend time talking with the new baby's older brother(s) and/or sister(s). If the older siblings are really young, you might encourage some guests to bring gifts for them as well as the new baby.

    Encourage older siblings to help with the sprinkle and include them as much as they're comfortable with. Depending on their age, they can help with party planning, set-up, and hosting tasks. Even a small role like stacking presents will help them feel included and provide reassurance that baby's arrival isn't going to make them any less important.

    New babies are a reason for joy, no matter how many older children the mom might already have. A low-key baby sprinkle is a perfect way to celebrate new babies without breaking the guests' budget or putting too much pressure on the host. Focus on celebrating the mom and her family, and you'll have the perfect baby sprinkle.

  • 3 Exciting Uses For Alphabet Letters

    Vinyl wall decals offer exciting decoration possibilities. They're easy to apply and also removable. On most surfaces, they don't cause damage or leave any sticky residue, making them a perfect choice for permanent or temporary decorations. And with the alphabet letters, you can instantly personalize most smooth surfaces in some pretty creative ways.

    Personalized Space

    If you have more than one child, they often like having things that are distinctly their own and not their sibling's. Especially if they're sharing a room. You can help your child mark their space with alphabet letters.

    We offer a wide variety of different letter styles your kid can use to express their individual style. From ballet to butterflies, to sports, to nautical, we have a design that will fit your child's preferences. Use our vinyl decals on any smooth, dry surface including walls, headboards, and toy chests to mark each child's personal space and treasures.

    Decorated Lockers

    Personalizing your locker is almost a necessity in today's school. No one wants to be that student with a boring locker. Many locker accessories are magnetic to make them easy to hang and remove. Similarly, our vinyl decals hang easily and won't damage the lockers when it's time to take them off.

    Bugs-n-Blooms decals are self-adhesive and adhere to most surfaces that are smooth and dry, including metal lockers. Your kids can use the alphabet letters to spell out their name or initials and make the locker uniquely theirs.

    Wall Designs

    When you're using alphabet letters on a wall, they look great as a stand-alone way to spell out a name or write a short phrase on the wall. But we also offer other wall decals as well. The alphabet letters don't have to stand on their own. We have garden, sports, and nautical theme decals designed to complement the letters.

    If you're using sports themed alphabet letters, add a matching growth chart to the walls or use our number stickers to put up a jersey number. If you're decorating with butterfly, flower, or other garden letters, use our decals to create a mural that compliments the design. Or frame the alphabet letters using scroll stickers.

    Hanging Tips

    Be sure to check out our guide “How To Apply Wall Decals.” It'll help you pick the best spot for your wall decals and help you get them hung so they stay where they're put until you're ready to move them. Have fun decorating!

  • Find Your Bugs-n-Blooms Decorating Personality

    There's a good reason we offer such a wide a variety of bugs and blooms decorations. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. We like different colors, prefer different bugs, and gravitate toward different styles. We want decorating choices that match our personalities.

    Are you a Sparkle 'n' Shine who can't get enough glitter in your life? Or an Elegant Beauty who wants their room decorations to provide more refined color? How about a Cute Lil' Bug going for a relaxed look or a style perfect for kid's rooms? Maybe you're attracted to Fun-Loving Layers with lots of colors. Or perhaps you can't pick just one and Mix-and-Match for your own unique style.


    Sparkle 'n' Shine

    Can't get enough of glitzy sparkles? Want the room you're decorating to shine? Then go for the most sparkly decorations we offer. Most of our decorations sparkle, but these have extra bling:

    Elegant Beauty

    Your preference leans toward softer, more refined styles that still pop with color. For an understated, elegant design, skip the flashy sparkles and check out these styles:

    Cute Lil' Bug

    You're looking for a relaxed design that doesn't take itself too seriously. Maybe it's for a rustic kitchen or a child's nursery. Wherever you're decorating, consider these adorable decorations:

    Fun-Loving Layers

    You want decorations that take things to the next level by blending colors in layers of fabric. These decorations all have more than one color and at least two layers of petals or wings:


    You don't fit just one style. You want something that's elegant and has layers of color, or cute decorations that sparkle in a relaxed design. Or anything in between. Don't let other people's styles define you. Look around, get an idea of which styles you like, and then make them your own. Pull from any of the above decorations, or branch out into something different:

    • Sun and clouds – add sun and cloud decorations with the bugs for a garden theme room.
    • Owl decals – the owl growth chart and wall stickers pair well with a rustic design.
    • Mobiles – our mobile styles match the hanging decorations, and some have more than one style or color on the same mobile.
    • Wall decals – vinyl stickers pair well with our other decorations, and they're also available in sport and nautical styles.
  • 5 Essential Tips To Prepare A Nursery For Your First Child

    nursery-decorations-ideas-tips-bnbCongratulations! In just a few months, you'll be bringing home a new baby. There's plenty to do before the baby arrives and you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by every project you have to finish. But getting the nursery ready shouldn't be stressful. In fact, it can be one of the most fun baby-prep things you do. Here are a few tips to make things easier so you can enjoy the fun parts of decorating the baby's room and then move on to caring for yourself and your new baby.

    1) Keep It Safe

    Safety should always be your number one concern when decorating a baby's room. All your decorations, furniture, and other choices must be safe for the baby. Make sure the crib conforms to modern safety standards, anchor furniture to the wall, and keep mobiles well out of reach. Check out this link (click here) for a complete baby safety checklist.

    2) Pick The Right Location

    If you have options, a quiet room fairly close to your bedroom is ideal for a nursery. You want a location that's out of the way of normal foot traffic so baby won't be disturbed while sleeping, yet is still easy for you to access. If the room is typically cold, make sure the heating system is up to keeping it warm. If the room is usually warm, make sure it gets enough air movement to keep baby from overheating.

    3) Choose A Theme

    Picking a theme doesn't have to mean you go all-out and cover everything in jungle print or pretty princess decorations. The nursery can be elaborate of course, but choosing a theme is also helpful if you want something simple. Think of it as a guide for your decorating journey. Choosing a theme helps you narrow down color and decoration options and pull together a room where all the decorating choices compliment each other.

    4) Prioritize Organization

    Clutter is the last thing you want in a nursery, especially if you have a small room. You'll have enough on your plate taking care of the new baby without tripping over cute floor decorations or searching through boxes of clothing for a clean onesie. Place essentials like the crib, dresser, changing table, and rocking chair first. Once the basics are in place, you'll know how much room you have left for other decorations.

    5) Make Decorations Adaptable

    It's a good idea to plan on redecorating the nursery in the future. If the baby's going to stay in this room as they grow up, you'll want to update the decorations as they grow. To save money, choose a versatile color on the walls (such as neutral tones or a relaxing blue or green) and then just change the decorations around. For example, wall decals (like the ones from Bugs-n-Blooms) are a much more versatile option than wallpaper. They're easy to install and peel off without damaging the walls when you want to redecorate.

    For more great decorating ideas, check out the Bugs-n-Blooms store and blog. We offer a wide range of nursery decorations for boys and girls. You're sure to find something that fits your nursery vision perfectly. And when you order from us, you'll know you're getting high-quality items at a great price.

  • 3 Fun Ways To Use Butterfly Wall Decorations in Little Girl's Rooms

    What little girl doesn't like butterflies? These beautiful, colorful insects flutter their way into our hearts and imaginations and make a perfect decorating theme for a girl's nursery, playroom, or bedroom.

    Butterfly wall decorations are an essential part of the butterfly-themed room. At Bugs-n-Blooms, we offer a wide variety of quality butterfly decorations at affordable prices. Here are three suggestions for how to use them.

    3 Fun Ways To Use Butterfly Wall Decorations in Little Girls Rooms

    1) Make A Wall Mural

    A large wall mural is one of the most striking decorating moves you can make. Instead of simply hanging decorations on the wall, you're turning the wall into a decoration. The simplest way to do this is using wall stickers like our 108 piece garden set.

    For those of you with a little more time and artistic inclinations, you can combine painting and stickers to create a customized mural. Paint grassy hills and a blue sky on the walls and fill the sky with butterfly stickers. Paint a pond on the wall surrounded by cattails and add flowers and bugs. Just make sure you wait at least 30 days after painting so the wall can dry before putting on stickers.

    You can also use these stickers to create “mini-murals” that don't cover a whole wall. For example, you might use these stickers to make it look like flowers are growing out of the back of a headboard or dresser.

    2) Create A Flock of Color

    If you don't like murals or don't want to paint the walls different colors, nylon butterfly wall decorations are a lovely alternative. You can use these decorations individually, of course, but they're most striking in groups. A wall covered with a flock of butterflies in different sizes and colors can be just as eye-catching as any mural.

    Varying in size from 1-inch to 18-inches, our hanging decorations come in a wide range of colors and styles. Some have layers of wings, some are simple and elegant. They come in pink, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, gray, and multicolored options. You can get butterflies with painted wings, wings that sparkle, rounded wings, pointed wings. Pretty much about anything you can image.

    3) Personalize The Room

    Our butterfly wall decorations aren't just confined to stickers and nylon butterflies. We also offer quote stickers and alphabet decals. The quote stickers let you quickly add butterfly-themed phrases to the walls without worrying about putting in nails or screws to hang framed quotes.

    Since alphabet wall letters come in eight different colors, you're sure to find a style that works for your little girl's room. You can use them to spell out a child's name on the wall then decorate around it with other stickers or nylon butterflies.

    Let your imagination take flight with Bugs-n-Blooms wall decorations. Whether you opt for a wall mural, nylon butterflies on the wall, personalized butterfly letters, or a creative combination of ideas, we're sure your little girl is going to love her butterfly room.


  • Top 5 Bugs-n-Blooms Baby Shower Themes


    Baby Shower Decor Butterfly Decorations

    Need a theme idea for a baby shower? We've got you covered! Whether the mom's expecting a little boy, a girl, or is keeping it a surprise, these themes will give you a great starting place for planning. Once you've picked a theme, it'll help narrow down your choices for colors, decorations, games, and food.

    Bugs-n-Blooms' decorations make excellent table decorations, wall decor, and you can even use them on cakes (just don't eat them). Here are our top 5 picks for baby shower themes using Bugs-n-Blooms decorations.

    1) Butterfly Baby

    Butterflies are a great choice if you're looking for a colorful, happy theme. Bugs-n-Blooms carries these in all sorts of colors: pink, purple, blue, green, orange, multi-color, and more. You can mix-and-match them, or choose just one or two for a party themed around a single color (like pink for girls, blue for boys, or yellow for a unisex shower).

    If you need more ideas, you'll find many tips for butterfly showers on Pinterest and other places online. It's one of the most popular themes. Guests love it and you can easily find DIY ideas and printables to help with planning.

    2) Little Ladybugs

    A ladybug theme works perfectly if the mom you're showering is expecting a little lady. The bright red color can also work for a unisex or boy's shower, especially if you know the mom likes ladybugs or red is her favorite color.

    You can either go with a red and black color scheme or decorate in green with ladybugs as an accent color. Or you might take this theme in an unexpected direction using our pink ladybug decorations instead of the usual red.

    3) Baby Bumblebee

    I think this is one of the most adorable baby shower themes. You can do cute plays on words with banners saying “Mommy to Bee,” celebrating a “Baby cute as can Bee,” and thanking guests for “Bee-ing here.”

    Yellow, white, and black bumblebee decorations give you an elegant color scheme that looks soft enough for a baby party but is still grown-up enough for the adult guests. Serve some honey-themed foods and you've got the makings of a bee-utiful party.

    4) Seasonal Celebration

    Theming your baby shower with the season is always a popular choice. It usually turns out well, too. You can always find in-season decorations and there's often sales on the types of foods you'd like to serve.

    Try decorating with butterflies and flowers for spring, dragonflies for summer, ladybugs and bees for fall, and cool blue tones for winter. You can also decorate with seasonal flowers or greenery and use our small and mini decorations as accents. Butterflies look cute hovering in a floral arrangement and ladybugs could perch on an evergreen wreath.

    5) Garden Gala

    Garden theme showers are perfect for indoor or outdoor parties, and you can still use our Bugs-n-Blooms decorations if you host the party outside. Flower decorations and all the different types of bugs work well for this theme. You could take this theme a number of different directions. For example: turn it into a tea party if the mom-to-be enjoys tea. Or choose an era and make it a throw-back party to the roaring 20s or a refined Victorian setting.

    Whatever theme you choose, Bugs-n-Blooms is here for you with high-quality decorations. They're easy to hang, reusable, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. And, to make things even better, you can re-purpose decorations for other parties or give them to the expectant mother for decorating the baby's room.


  • Make Old Photo Frames New With Bugs and Blooms

    If you've been collecting used frames from tag sales, resale shops, and friends who've cleaned out their garages, you probably have a wide variety of frames that don't match each other or are in pretty rough-looking shape. One way to update these frames is with a fresh coat of paint and some decorations.


    Prepping Frames

    The first step is to sand the picture frame or go over it using a wire brush. This will remove any dust and provide a rougher surface for the paint to adhere to. If the frame has paint on it already, try to remove as much of the current paint as possible.

    Choose paint colors that compliment the décor in rooms where you want to display the frames. For a bit of variety, choose several complementary paints in the same color family and use a different color on each frame. This works very well with neutrals. You could paint frames using several different colors of white, or different gray tones, or different types of black, or different brown shades.

    Painting Tips

    Remove glass and pictures from the frame before painting and lay down newspapers or a drop cloth to protect the surface under your frame. If you cannot get the picture out of the frame, use painter's tape and newspaper to completely cover the glass.

    Use a primer before painting the frame. If you're painting with dark colors using a darker gray primer means you'll need fewer coats of paint to hide the primer color. For lighter paint colors, use a standard white or light gray primer.

    You can either use spray paints or apply using a brush. Plan on applying 2 to 3 coats of paint on each frame for complete coverage. Let the paint dry for about 24 hours between coats, or as directed on the paint cans. You can leave the finish smooth or plan on distressing the paint using candle wax and sandpaper for a more rustic look. Once the last coat is dry, you're ready to move on to decorating.

    Adding Decorations

    Butterfly Wall Decorations

    You can use mini decorations from Bugs-n-Blooms on your frame in a variety of ways:

    • space decorations evenly around the frame
    • place one on each corner
    • clump decorations onto one corner of the frame
    • add variety by using different styles and colors

    Our mini decorations measure 1-inch to 4-inches, depending on the style, making them just the right size for using on picture frames. These little butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, flowers, and bees are easy to attach with adhesives like hot glue, tacky glue, glue dots, or double-sided tape. And voila! You have an attractive, up-dated frame ready to display your favorite photos.

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