Mini Ladybugs

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  1. Non-Hanging
  1. $4.00 - $4.99
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  1. Dark Pink (Fuchsia)
  2. Green
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  4. Brown
  5. Black
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  1. Mini (1" - 4")
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  1. Shimmer
  2. Glitter
  3. Smiling

Ladybug Nursery, Party
& Baby Shower Decor

Ladybug birthday party decor are adorable, perfect to decorate your daughter’s birthday party. Nylon mini ladybug decorations for crafts, scattered on tables & walls for a ladybug baby shower. Beautiful petite ladybugs can also decorate lamps, furniture & wood letters in a babies nursery.
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Ladybug Party Wedding Baby Shower Decor
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