Decorating Ideas & Tips

Baby Nursery

Decorating A Baby Nurseryclick for more photos

Nursery Ideas / Tips 

Add whimsy & charm to any newborns room and watch them be captivated by the subtle movements of our hanging garden themed decor. Our pretty wall or ceiling hanging nylon butterfly & bugs decor will be so beautiful in your little girl's garden nursery that she will love for years to come.

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Girls Bedroom

Decorating A Girls Bedroomclick for more photos

Bedroom Ideas / Tips 

Pretty sparkling hanging nylon butterflies & bees add life & character to any garden themed girl’s bedroom walls or ceiling. Your little girl will love her ‘big girl’ bedroom & spell her name using our alphabet wall letter stickers to coordinate the look or create a mural wall wall decals & growth charts.

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Decorating A Butterfly Weddingclick for more photos

Wedding Ideas / Tips 

Create elegance and delight at a butterfly themed wedding that you will cherish for a lifetime with our fabric butterflies perfect for table decor. Captivate your guests as the butterflies will be a gorgeous touch and a class of elegance to your wedding; a day you will remember forever.

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Baby Shower

Decorating A Baby Showerclick for more photos

Baby Shower Ideas / Tips 

Bring joy & style to any baby shower that can be later used in the baby's nursery. Create adorable & colorful center pieces, take home gifts, or even a diaper cake that will be talked about for months to come. The mom-to-be will just love her party & later, nursery wall or ceiling decor.

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Birthday Party

Decorating A Girls Birthday Partyclick for more photos

Birthday Party Ideas / Tips 

Butterfly party decorations create a special birthday & give party favors which your little guests would love to take home as gifts. Decorate the cake table with butterflies, or hang some nylon flower decorations from the ceiling to add color & interest.

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Bridal Shower

Decorating A Bridal Showerclick for more photos

Bridal Shower Ideas / Tips 

Nothing is more enticing than an exquisitely decorated table at a bridal shower, especially if they are adorned with sparkling butterflies and rose petals! Fabric butterflies are stunning decorations that can later be used at a wedding on the tables, bouquets or cake.

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Diaper Cake

Decorating A Diaper Cakeclick for more photos

Diaper Cake Ideas / Tips 

Add a special touch to a cute diaper cake & have the latest trend for a baby shower. Attach a pastel bug to the top of the cake to match the party theme. Adorable butterflies & ladybugs will later be used for decorations in the newborn nursery, the baby will love.

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Birthday / Wedding Cake

Decorating A Birthday Wedding Cakeclick for more photos

Cake Ideas / Tips 

At a birthday party, baby shower or wedding, the yummiest part is the cake! Why not decorate it to match your theme & include butterflies, ladybugs or bees & add some cheer to your cake. Simply add craft wire to the back & create an adorable cake topper.

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Table Setting

Decorating A Table Settingclick for more photos

Table Setting Ideas / Tips 

Use beautiful butterfly and flower decorations as your table settings for your special events. Host a dinner party or have a corporate event that your guests will sure to enjoy. Use butterflies as centerpieces or place cards to announce your guest’s arrival.

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Formal Party

Decorating A Formal Partyclick for more photos

Formal Party Ideas / Tips 

Having a formal party, dinner party, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or baby shower? Sprinkle on some colorful mini butterflies or flowers on the table; add elegant fabrics to the high back chairs & light sconces adding color & dimension to the event. 

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Floral Arrangement

Decorating A Floral Arrangementclick for more photos

Floral Display Ideas / Tips 

Add a dramatic touch to a beautiful floral arrangement or to a beautiful centerpiece at a party. Add mini butterflies to a bridal bouquet for that special sparkle & touch of color. Create instant depth with hanging nylon butterflies perfect for walls & ceilings.

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Home / House Decor

Decorating A Home Houseclick for more photos

Home Decor Ideas / Tips 

Add a special touch to any house turning plain walls into dramatic arrangement of art with beautiful hanging fabric butterflies or dragonflies. Wide variety of colors to choose from, any will match your home decor. Decorate curtains, lamps, walls, ceilings & so much more.

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Pretend Play

Decorating For Pretend Playclick for more photos

Pretend Play Ideas / Tips 

Have your little one play pretend with her friends or you can create laughter and smiles anytime you see your favorite photos using these beautiful hanging nylon decor. Host a pretend tea party, dress-up in tutus, be a butterfly princess and enjoy hours of fun.

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Photo Shoots

Decorating For A Photo Shootclick for more photos

Photo Shoot Ideas / Tips 

Perfect way to accessorize your photo shoot is have your little one wear a headbands, tutus or butterfly wings. Capture special memories of her childhood that go quickly, of your angle wearing a butterfly costume or fairy wand you will cherish forever.

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Dress-Up Party

Decorating For A Dress-Up Birthday Partyclick for more photos

DressUp Party Ideas / Tips 

Have a day full of dress-up with our beautiful tutu skirts, butterfly wings, and fairy wands. She will love to play dress up with her friends and fly around like she was a butterfly. She will love to wear her costume every day, holiday or special occasion.

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Outdoor Charm

Decorating A Butterfly Garden Partyclick for more photos

Garden Decor Ideas / Tips 

Sit & enjoy some refreshing lemonade while watching these hanging bugs sway in the breeze. Hanging butterflies & dragonflies & baumble bees flutter around to create interest to an outdoor party. Add some ladybug decor or mobiles to create a garden themed space.

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