Color Selecting


Painting and decorating her nursery or bedroom walls made simple ... When you're designing a nursery for a baby girl, pink is always a beautiful choice, but there are countless options beyond pink, too. From yellows to oranges and even shades of blue, anything goes when it comes to selecting colors for your baby girl's nursery.

Inspiration for your color palette can be found everywhere – a favorite painting, a family quilt, a beautiful tree in your garden, her colors in the bedding or even have her pick her favorite colors. If you're planning a mural or have chosen a theme for your nursery, the colors may follow naturally from that.

Look at patterns as a source for your color scheme. It might be your crib bedding, a blanket that you've fallen in love with or fabric window panels. It's easier to pull a color from a pattern than to find a pattern to match your selected color.


Deep, saturated wall colors tend to create a feeling of warmth and enclosure. If you're drawn to a strong color, consider painting just one or two walls with it to add depth and distinct style to the room. You could also paint trim with it for a bold contrast. An all-white palette in tones of ivory and cream becomes an airy oasis of calm – and a neutral backdrop for mixing and matching accessories. Add some vivid accents – pillows, an area rug, wall art, a painted bookcase – for a splash of energy.

To paint her walls in a creative and original way, paint the top 3/4 of the wall one color, then paint the lower 1/4 of the wall the other color. Then to divide her newly two-tone painted walls, simply get some white (or any other contrasting color) acrylic craft paint and get a round stencil brush and dry paint (pound the brush to the wall, not brush stroke painting) a strip between the two colors.


Then decorate her room, add some butterflies or dragonflies to her walls or ceiling. Make a garden themed bedroom or a fairy princess resort by adding a few hanging butterflies that easily attach to the ceiling or walls. You can finish offer her room also by using some flowers that coordinate with her room colors and also sprinkle some mini bumblebees or ladybugs on lampshades, canopies, bed posts, curtains, desk, or wall mirrors for a little delicate touch of whimsy.

To personalize her new fabulous bedroom, spell her name (or nickname) on the wall as alphabet wall letter stickers coordinate nicely with our hanging nylon room decorations. You can mix and match styles of wall stickers and colors for a dramatic statement she can enjoy for years. Our wall stickers are temporary and can be removed and re positioned with ease without damaging walls.

We are also proud to offer little boys room decor, please check out our latest room wall stickers, growth charts and nursery wall sayings just for little boy's nursery and bedrooms also!


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